5 Delicious to make cucumber eating fun


It’s one of the most hydrating bites (cucumber has 90 % water) in hot weather and now, here’s more reason to tuck into the cool, fleshy vegetable.

Bursting with vitamins A, B, C and K, cucumber can help flush out toxins and thus aid weight loss, regulate blood pressure, ease muscle stiffness and joint pain, lower cholesterol and more. If you have just been enjoying it on its own, here are other ways to include the low-calorie vegetable in your diet….

1. Tiffin idea: Cucumber sandwiches
This one makes for a smart office lunch idea. Just cut up a few slices of cucumber. Place them on rye or wheat slices, with just a little seasoning. Avoid the usual butter and go with an unsalted version if you need it.

2. Breakfast tip: Cucumber-apple smoothie
Make a refreshing low-calorie smoothie using cucumber and apple, adding some ginger and mint for taste. Blend the ingredients together and serve chilled for breakfast. Not only is this a cleanser, but also acts as a pick-me-up.

3. Dinner bite: Chilled cucumber soup
Try cold cucumber soup by first cooking cucumber and water till the mix turns soft. Cool and blend with low-fat milk. Keep aside. In a pan, heat some butter and more diced cucumber, add seasoning and cool. Add the cucumber-milk to this and refrigerate. Sprinkle with pepper when serving.

4. Party bite: Cucumber wrap
Thin, vertically sliced cucumber makes for an apt wrap in place of regular tart shells and crusts. Chill the wraps and use them around anything – from shrimp, to salmon, roast chicken or eggplant, avocado, roast peppers and cheese.

5. Side order: Try pickled cucumber
Also called gherkins, pickled cucumbers go well when served with bakes and sandwiches. To make a quick-fix version, take thinly sliced cucumbers and combine these with vinegar, salt and sugar. Keep aside for a few hours, mixing occasionally. Enjoy.