Here some of the weirdest things that start happening when we close our eyes.

1. Falling

It is also known as a hypnagogic jerk. It tends to happen when you have just fallen asleep. When you dream your body is paralyzed. Sometimes you can start dreaming before your body turns into the ‘sleeping mode’. Your brain enters into sleep cycles more aggressively, but your body hasn’t caught up. With these hypnagogic jerks, you have a dream like falling off a cliff, falling from the sky, or tripping.

2. Sleep paralysis

You want to wake up in the morning, but you realize you can’t even move a muscle or speak. This state can last for several minutes and it is extremely terrifying. In fact it is the opposite to what happens to your body during the hypnagogic jerks. Your brain wakes up before the paralysis which is typical of a deep sleep.

3. Sleepwalking

A lot of sleep-related behaviors are harmless. The most dangerous one among them is sleepwalking. You can even leave your house, walk into something or get behind the wheel. During the sleepwalking you are conscious enough for your body to move but not enough for your brain to be awake. That’s why you can remember nothing about it.

4. Sleep talking

5 out of 100 adults talk while sleeping. Pillow talk-sessions usually last about 30 seconds. It usually happens during the first hours of sleep. Your body seems to be entering into the deep stage of sleeping but there are still some muscle tones to produce sounds or movements that may accompany your dreams.

5. Exploding head syndrome

Suddenly a person wakes up having a headache after having heard a loud noise. In reality nothing like that actually happened. It is a variation of a hypnagogic jerk. Your senses were turned on but your body is still paralyzed