Creating the perfect eye makeup is perhaps the most challenging job that most women and girls perform at home. They rush to salons and spend time and money to get the flawless makeup done. One of the biggest challenges is to blend the makeup, to make it look seamless and sophisticatedly natural.

Eye area is the most sensitive, soft, and requires a lot of attention and care while putting on makeup. Creating the perfect smoky eyes has been on the wish list of every girl, but they end up looking waggish due to over-smudging of makeup- either kohl or shadows. Don’t worry as I am here to teach you the simple steps to create the sassy yet sophisticated smoky eye makeup.

Step #1- Prepare Your Eye for the Makeup

Before applying the kohl or shadow, you need to check the condition of your eyes. Check if your eyes need to be concealed or not. If you have puffy bags or dark circles, cover them up. I would suggest you to use a color corrector, prior to a concealer as correctors are really important for the smooth application of concealer, and moreover, they correct the color of your eyes and make them close to your facial skin, and the rest of the job is completed by the concealer.

Step #2- Liner

Next step is to apply a liner. Use an eye pencil on the top and bottom rims of your eyes. Then, apply liquid eyeliner. If you have small eye, start from the bottom center of your eyes, and if you have large ones, you can go from corner to corner. For applying the perfect line of liner- precisely on the rims, use a dotted trick. Place dots of liner on the rims and follow the dots to make a perfect line.

 Step #3- Soften the Edges and Apply Shadow

Next use a small eye shadow brush to soften the edges of the eye pencil. Next, apply a dark shadow with a sponge applicator’s tip or smudge brush. You can also us your fingers if you are comfortable with that technique. Shadow is used to soften the look and make you look more natural and dramatic.

Step #4- Lighter Shadow

Add a lighter shadow over the darker one and blend it well so that no difference can be spotted in the two. Soften the tone more towards the outer area, to make it look natural.

Step #5- Finish It off

Finish it off by using a fluffy brush to get rid of excess shadow or anything else. Give a final touch to your makeup by applying dramatic eye mascara.

If you want to make your eyes look the catchiest, go for 2-3 quotes of mascara.