5 Bad Tricks Girls Use To Make Guys Think They’re Hot


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A Good Personality

There’s only one thing that can make a girl hotter than makeup  it’s a good personality. It’s a scientific fact that people who are warm, friendly and funny are judged to be better looking, and that others seek to be around them. Girls with good personalities draw men to them like bees to honey. Girls that can sweet talk you so good that you get a cavity will never be alone. Girls that make you laugh until you poop your pants always have scores of admirers. And girls that listen with a sympathetic ear just glisten from the inside out. No matter how hot a girl is, it’s useless if she had a bad personality.


Bras are every girl’s best friend, and every man’s worst enemy. And we’re not talking about how hard they are to unfasten when you’re in the moment. We’re calling out bras because they are so deceitful. There is a bra to artificially enhance every pair of hooters out there. If a girl’s chest is flatter than a surfboard, she can buy a padded bra. she can buy a support bra. If a girl’s boobies are parted wider than when Moses parted the Red Sea, she can buy a push-up bra for cleavage. There are even bras to minimize breast size and ones for women with mastectomies. A specialty bra is basically like Photoshopping for real life. Many a guy has reached in for a handful, only to be greeted by a ping-pong ball. What’s so ridiculous is that girls get away with this trickery! Girls would never tolerate a man who stuffed his jeans, but they think it’s totally permissible to walk around looking like Pamela Anderson, Jr. when in reality they are flat as a pancake.


Makeup is for girls what money is for guys. If you have a whole lot of it, you’ll be so hot that you sizzle. Makeup was invented for the sole purpose of making women more attractive. It literally does anything and everything. Foundation evens out skin tone. Eye shadow and mascara emphasizes the eyes. Lipstick makes lips look kissable. Blush gives a healthy glow. Girls can learn how to make their noses more narrow, how to add definition to a full face, and how to sculpt eyebrows into every shape.

It’s basically gotten to the point where girls can do so much with makeup that they might as well be wearing masks. Unless a girl sleeps in her makeup, she can scare her man worse than any horror movie when she goes natural.


Girls don’t just dress for success at work. They pick out their clothing carefully to maximize their hotness. They wear backless shirts to grab men’s attention. They know their bodies intimately, and pick outfits that accentuate their best features. A girl with a plump booty will always favor skinny jeans. A girl that is pin-thin will wear a midriff all year long. While girls dress for their own self-confidence, and to show off to other girls, they also know how to dress for guys.


Girls try to trick guys into thinking they’re hot by the hairstyles they wear. Some girls follow the trends, but the smart ones know that choosing a style is more about finding one that will hide her worst features. A girl with bangs is either a hipster or is trying to hide a prominent forehead or hideous birthmark. A girl with a strong jawline will wear her hair with layers toward her face to cover up her unfortunate bone structure.