4-Year-Old Russian Girl Speaking Fluently In 7 Languages

A four-year-old girl Bella Devyatkina literally stunned audiences when she spoke 7 languages fluently on a TV show. She’s wowing the world in adorable video of her speaking and singing

The young talent participated in the Russian reality TV show ‘Udivitelniye Lyudi’ (Incredible People), impressing judges in Moscow with her remarkable language skills.

Besides her native Russian, Bella also speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic – that includes the six official United Nations languages with the addition of German.

Bella’s accents in all languages were incredibly clear seen especially here where she read a passage in French. Bella‚Äôs mother, Yulia, says that she started teaching her daughter languages at the age of two. They started with English, but as soon as she noticed that Bella was interested in it, she began adding other languages.

Enjoy the video below

Source: Dailymail.co.uk