4 Unique things to do when you can’t fall asleep

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When you can’t sleep, it’s crucial to find a smart activity that will help you fall asleep in a matter of several minutes. Don’t just lie waiting for a miracle. When you can’t sleep and you do nothing, you start worrying about it, or worse, you start overthinking your past problems and events. Here are 4 smart things you can do every time you can’t fall asleep.

1. Write a journal

Grab your journal and start writing about your worries, troubles and problems. It’s a good way to stop thinking about them. Once you write them down, start thinking about the happiest moments in your life. Write them down. Now, write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Thinking and writing about happy things can help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up happier in the morning. If writing a journal is not for you, take a piece of paper and start writing some happy and interesting small story. Some people claim that it helps them fight insomnia.

Keeping a journal has many wonderful benefits. It can help reduce your stress levels, get rid of negative thoughts, find a better solution to your problem and can help you see the most positive things in your life.

2. Meditate

Meditation is extremely popular these days. It’s one of the best ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation is also known to prevent and fight sleep disorders. It will calm the your mind and body and hopefully help you fall asleep easily and sleep all night long. Praying before bed is also a good option to consider.

3. Read a book

Reading in bed is a popular and effective way to fall asleep faster. If you are not a book junkie, read any book you’ll find at home. 20 minutes of reading will make you feel bored and sleepy and you will drop off to sleep without noticing it. If you are a book lover, avoid reading any interesting and favorite books, or you may end up reading that book all night long. Opt for an inspirational or science book that you didn’t want to read before. My friend says that learning poetries by heart helps her to fight stress and insomnia. It’s a ridiculous thing to do when you can’t fall asleep, but why not? Give it a try, who knows maybe it will help you too.

4. Play with your pet

When I can’t fall asleep, I love to play with my cat. I usually don’t have enough time to play with her during the day and even in the evening (though I try to spend at least 20 minutes with her each day), so when I stay awake at night I have some time to play with my beloved pet. She helps me relax, get rid of negative thoughts, combat stress and sleep better. If you have a pet, consider playing with her/him a few minutes before bed.

These are some of the best things to do when you have trouble falling asleep. Don’t take a nap late in the day, avoid watching TV and checking emails and social media before bed. Moreover, avoid any conflicts with your family members. If possible, switch off your phone in the evening, or before bedtime. I hope these small tips will help you. What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?