Being the Maid of Honor is a big job. Not only are you the bride’s right hand gal, you’re also the mom buffer, the bachelorette part planner and all around keeper of things together.

As someone who will be a Maid of Honor for a lovely, intimate wedding in May, I have to say one of the most stressful things for me is the speech. Now I’m not much of a public speaker and I’m not really thrilled about being the center of attention. There will be less than 20 people attending this wedding and half of them are my own family, but this still scares the heck out me!

Maybe it’s because it’s such a small gathering that is intimidating to me. Literally ALL eyes will be on me and the usual person to alleviate the awkwardness for me is the person I’m going to be speaking about. So I guess, I’m kind of screwed!

To make me feel less nervous about the whole speech thing, I put together a few things I’m going to keep reminding myself of when I get anxious.

Calm the eff down.

This is your family. Your best friend. No matter what you say will be perfect. They love you for who you are –  awkwardness, cheesy jokes and all.  There’s a reason you’re up there as their Maid of Honor.

Keep it short and sweet.

There’s no rule to MOH speeches saying they have to a minimum length. Sometimes the perfect speech is brief because you said exactly what you wanted to say and there was no need for elaborate wordy love fests.

Make them laugh.

If you’re the Maid of Honor, it’s likely you have some pretty good dirt on the bride. Now you don’t want to say anything to scandalous because the parents and the brand spanking new in-laws will be there, but an inside joke or two might just do the trick.

When in doubt – just say I love you.

I have a feeling my speech will get a little teary, so if I can’t get out what I initially wanted to say, I have a back up plan. My plan is to just tell them I love them and I wish them the best and then raise my glass of bubbly in their direction.

What is your best Maid of Honor speech tip?