To snoop or not to snoop is a question that’s definitely crossed the minds of women everywhere when it comes to their man. How often have you been tempted to peak at his texts while he’s in the shower? Or while he ran out to get eggs, did you jump out of bed the second you heard the front door click and start rummaging through his dresser drawers?

Even though it’s sneaky and often uncalled for, snooping is an act that many commit. In fact, studies show that even though a lot of people say it’s wrong, they do it anyway.

4 Things You Must Know

Before you start rifling through your man’s stuff, consider these reasons not to do it.

• You can’t win. This is something to really think about… are you ready to handle the consequences of what you might discover? If you find nothing to be concerned about, you will feel guilty. But if you find out he has done something wrong, are you ready to act on it and suffer the consequences, such as a divorce or break up? And if there is an indication of a “crime” on your man’s part and you don’t say anything, it will eat away at you and probably end up destroying the relationship anyway. It’s a lose-lose situation. Oh sure, you come with the argument that you would want to know, but if you can’t trust him, why are you with him in the first place?

• It can become an addiction. You won’t stop at just reading his text messages. Next you’ll be on the computer looking at its history to see what sites he’s been visiting, etc. It’ll grow like poison ivy, as you start doing things like looking in the glove compartment of his car while he runs in the quick mart to pay for gas, or standing outside the garage door while he’s talking to his friends. You’ll keep scratching for two reasons: to find relief and to find fault. You’ve become an oxymoron.

4 Things You Must Know

• You could find information that could put your man’s job or friendships at risk. And guess what? Depending on what he does for a living, it’s actually against the law for certain information to be shared. While you’re blabbing to your BFF that he’s working on a new phone app, she’s already passing it on via social media and someone is going to beat him to the punch and he could lose his job.


• Your lack of trust may mean you have the problem. Ever hear the expression, “Don’t judge others by yourself?” Maybe you have something to hide so you think he does, too. Think about that!


It’s better to communicate than try to find answers by snooping. You might just find out something you shouldn’t and will be hurting no one but yourself.