1. A Red Carpet Friend – You need a friend who will roll out the red carpet for you… Someone who thinks very highly of you and often times see more potential in you than you see in yourself… You can do no wrong in this person’s eyes… At least if you do they are not quick to tell you about it.They would rather pat you on the back and applaud you for the good things that you do. This person will always be there for you. You can count on them. Trusting them has never been an issue. The red carpet friend is so into you and whatever you do, like an SWV jingle. A red carpet friend is not to be confused with a stalker.

Great Ways To Put A Smile On Your Best friend Face

2. A Blunt Force Trauma Friend– These days being fake is the new real and honesty is the last thing to get spilled. People say they want to hear the truth, but they really don’t. The average person would prefer to hear a sugar coat… But if you value progress,you definitely value having someone in your inner circle who is always honest with you whether good or bad… A blunt force trauma friend has absolutely no problem hitting you over the head with the TRUTH.

This person will tell you when you are doing great but also has no problem telling you when you might be making bad decisions… A blunt force trauma friend is brutally honest with you…Sometimes the things they tell you,pinch a bit, but they are only telling you the truth in order to help you succeed… Blunt force trauma is not to be confused with having a hating,condescending, or fake friend who never has anything good to say about you but is always quick to point out your flaws. When a blunt force trauma friend gives you a compliment, you know that it is very sincere and not based in illusions.

3. The Over Achiever – You need someone who wakes up every morning to try to take over the world like Pinky& The Brain… Someone whose life mission it is to achieve things that maybe they don’t even need to achieve. To the average person if you tell them it’s impossible they believe you and quickly move on. However,the over achiever takes pride in doing the impossible in only a day. Impossible is nothing the overachiever will say to you. This type of person is good to have around because they will always motivate you to do your best, they keep you on your toes.Their energy and progress alone will never allow you to become stale and content with the way things are in your life.


4. The Safe Friend – Society has long since adapted a way of life that makes one feel it’s necessary to keep your front up until you come up in order to avoid being judged. However, one of the most beautiful types of people to have in your life is someone whom you can talk to about anything,someone you can simply be yourself around without any judgements. The safe friend is that person you can tell anything to. They are your ace in the hole A true friend who won’t go running off telling your business. A friend who will laugh with you, cry with you and will always be there for you through thick and thin. A safe friend, because your secrets are safe with them and if your life was placed in their hands, you know they would do the very best to take care of you.