Four simple things you can do so that your spouse’ has a productive day at work

Kiss each other goodbye
Although, it might seem very Hollywood, kissing each other goodbye is one of the best ways to start for work. Firstly, it helps keep up the passion and gives away enough warmth that will last all day. It also perks up your mood and leaves you motivated for work.

Wish, ‘Have a pleasant day’
We usually ignore when tele-callers end the call by saying, ‘You have a pleasant day’- thinking it’s just a phone etiquette. However, saying, ‘Have a pleasant day’ matters a lot, it provides enough motivation to make an effort to spend the day in a better and productive way. Just say it, and you will notice the difference.

Send him/her pictures of your future plans
Although, not a regular morning ritual, you can try sending your spouse pictures of things you both have planned for your future; on and off. Things like your dream house, that lavish Greek vacation, etc. will help your spouse work harder to make all these happen.

A surprise awaits you at home
It might not be a real surprise; just a small thing you ordered for him/her online or a quickly cooked but different cuisine for dinner. These simple things when marked as surprises make for a such great motivation that you would want to work to the best of your ability and that too at a better pace, in order to go back home to that surprise.

Finally, never discuss family, work or monetary issues before leaving for work; they tend to hover on our minds for a long time and decrease productivity.