1. No Arguments Barring a few harmonious relationships, most of the other relationships on this planet are filled with arguments and disagreements. They create lots of anxiety and tension if not settled amicably. That is why staying single is better than staying in a bad relationship that just adds up to the scars in your heart.

2. No Restrictions When you are single, you don’t need to please anyone and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything in your life. A life without restrictions can be lived to the fullest.

3. No Heart Breaks A bad relationship is generally followed by heartbreak. A break up throws you into depression. When you are single you don’t need to worry about such a disaster.

4. Freedom To Date Anyone Being single gives you the advantage of dating anyone you wish to. You don’t need to stick around with anyone. You can go out with anyone without feeling guilty about it. But hold on! We are not recommending staying alone for the rest of your life. But compared to being in an abusive relationship, staying single is better. But it is always better to choose a compatible partner and settle down soon instead of staying alone.