One might think that maintaining good health is a herculean task, but really it is all about the little things that you do every day. Good health is not found in a bottle, but instead, it is about eating right, staying hydrated, exercising and positive thinking. Dr. Puneet. Nigam (Delhi, Chief of Lab Services), Metropolis Healthcare Ltd shares easy steps that will improve your health for the better.

Adequate Sleep: Sleeping heals and rejuvenates. Any disruption in sleeping patterns occurs due to working pressure, meetings, traveling, reading, etc. A lot of people will become tired and end up getting sick. It is also a way of boosting your immune system and improving your heart health. There’s some great research out of Stanford, which suggests if you don’t get at least 7.5 to eight hours of sleep a night, you increase your chances of heart disease. Sleep hygiene is really the most important thing – consistency with getting enough sleep. So, have a fixed going to bed or waking up time.

Outdoor Activity: The body makes vitamin D from sun exposure, and vitamin D is critical for fighting cancer, regulating your mood, allowing you to sleep easily at night, and a whole host of other important processes. Outdoor activity is critical for health. Whether it is stretching in the morning or evening, or walking for 20 minutes every day. Whatever you can do that’s simple, easy, and doesn’t cost much will help regulate your mood and boost immunity.

Eating Healthy: Eat fruits, nuts and berries. Drink plenty of water. The reason is there are a lot of micronutrients in fruits, especially fruits that have colours in their skin. Berries–cherries, blackberries blueberries, raspberries, strawberries – all have small molecules that absorb certain wavelengths of light that lead to their colours and they are also powerful antioxidants.

Positive Thinking & Meditation: Spending time sitting quietly, breathing, concentrating on your spirituality has incredible benefits for heart disease, blood pressure and your ability to use oxygen. By thinking positively one can prevent psychosomatic diseases like peptic ulcers, stress, irritable bowel syndrome etc.