Am I Investing Enough Time?

This is one of the questions to ask about your marriage. Yes, time is an important investment in marriage. If you are not spending enough time with your spouse, the chances of misunderstanding may increase. The distance between the partners may increase.

Am I Giving Attention And Showing Interest?

Do you remember the most important events and dates? Do you take your spouse out or gift him or her with something on special occasions? Do you show interest in your partner’s ambitions? Have you ever spent time praising your partner’s achievements? Well, if you are not doing any of the above, you are passively damaging your marriage with your own hands.

Did You Get Rid Of The Habits That Your Partner Hates?

This is one of those questions to ask if your marriage is over. If you have a bad habit that your partner vehemently hates then it is better to put some efforts in getting rid of such habits. If you show no interest in making your partner feel comfortable then your relationship may go into a troubled zone.

Did You Compare Your Partner With Someone Else?

This is one of the questions to ask yourself if your marriage is over. Whether you compare your partner with your ex or with anyone else, it will surely hurt your spouse. Everyone is unique and and everyone wants to be appreciated, not criticised. So, ask yourself whether you have hurt the feelings of your partner.