4 Great ways to clean up spilled nail polish

It is not that difficult to get your nail polish off even when it gets in contact with clothing or furniture. This includes all types of wooden surfaces, your clothes, hair, and even carpets.

The point is to act as fast as possible before the nail polish dries out completely. But did you know that you can remove this beauty product by means of simple things that you already have at your home? Let us teach you how to fix the problem.

Removing Polish from Carpet

Carpets of light colors can be cleaned from nail polish by means of a non-acetone polish remover. If the carpet is of darker shades and you are not sure if your polish remover is safe to use on the carpet, try hair spray or alcohol. Use a sponge or paper to blot the polish up. Repeat the procedure until you completely get rid of the polish.

Removing Nail Polish from Fabrics

This is one of the most common surfaces your nail polish may get on. Some fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool are natural while others are synthetic. Keep in mind that they might react differently to polish remover. Before applying nail polish remover on the cloth, test it on a small area to make sure it is safe for the dye and material. In some cases you can try hair spray. If neither nail polish remove nor hair spray is of help, the only option left for you is to take the item to the dry cleaner’s where professionals will do what cannot be done at home without special dry cleaning solvents.

Removing Polish from Hair

It’s not that common to have your nail polish get on your hair. Nevertheless, if this happens you can easily fix the problem performing either of the two methods. If the polish is not yet completely dry, you can apply some non-acetone polish remover on a cotton pad and gently run it down the polished hair. If the polish is dry, we suggest you use conditioner or oil instead.

Wooden Surfaces

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to use nail polish remover on wooden surfaces. It ruins furniture and your desk or any other item will look even worse with stains that are impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this issue. All you will need is hair spray! Just spray a considerable amount of this sticky liquid over your nail polish, wait for approximately 20 seconds, and then wipe it all off. Repeat the procedure if needed.