Life as a Nigerian, you will agree with me is a ‘challenging’ one as a man.

From having to go through school with the heartaches of strike actions (if it is a public university), to exuberant school fees whether it is private or public, to getting all your results ready for service year, plus the rigors of the compulsory National Youth Service Corps and the grand father of them all, getting a good job or starting a private business on your own.

The list is endless…worries about Boko haram, ebola, getting promoted at work, or managing a great relationship that you will lead to marriage. You will agree with me that without great friends, navigating beautifully well without great friends can make a life miserable.

Everyone needs friends to walk the journey of life with. Some are actually just friends for specific occasions (office buddy, lesson buddy, lunch buddy or giving a ride to work buddies), while others may blossom into family. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find one friend that meets all your friendship needs.

Even the creator knew one man cannot be good all alone by himself, hence the creation of the second ‘man’, Eve. Howerver, here are four kinds of friends you need to have as a man so as to make life in Nigeria worth living.

The Social Buddy

You necessarily do not have to be a party crawler with this person. But you will agree with me that a little of this here and there will be a great idea. After working your ass all day/week long, having a great time with friends over a bottle of cold drinks would really not be a bad idea, or will it? This person also make you stay in trend with some important trends in the social terrains, except if you’re some ‘anti-social’ person, that is when this person will not work for you in Nigeria as a friend, but believe me, you need to stop your office-home-church routines! Add some colors to your life.

The Confidante

He is someone you can talk to and you will not be ashamed to do so. This person is someone you feel secured telling anything…without the fear of you being stabbed at the back. However, these kinds of people are rare but trust me, when you have one, some of your life issues will be eased. Like the saying goes: A problem shared with the right person is a problem half solved, having someone to talk to about everything makes you feel better.

The Big Brother

He is necessarily not older than you but in experience, he is. He is always has an example to relate every situation with, hence his prompt and profession help.

The Critic

You will agree with me that before a gold is called a gold, it would have passed through fire so many times before it comes out as nice as we get the finished product. Many a times, we do things that we might not know needs adjustments or needs to be done in a better one. That is why you need a critic. You need someone that will tell you plain blank, things you do not want to hear. And believe me, you are on your way to getting better when you take out time to have this people around you.

However, do a check on yourself, do you think you have these four types of friends?