If someone comes up with a book on ‘Secrets about Guys’, it would be the most wanted write up among the girls’ community. Those who say girls are tougher to figure out; let me tell them the boys are equally quirky to understand, and every girl wishes to peek in his guy’s mind. Don’t you often brood over the secrets about your guy? If yes, then browse some interesting secrets of boys, right here! (Even if you never mulled yet, you will, after reading the following points)


Guys keep flirting with random girls, but when they go off to sleep, they don’t forget to remember the one they love truly.


A guy always prepares a script on his head, before making a call to his girlfriend, but after dialling her number, he entirely forgets what he has to say.


If a guy is attracted to a girl, he can go crazy on her smile.


Guys can’t stand with their girlfriends talking about their ex lovers or ex boyfriends.


A guy, who is genuinely in love with you, wants himself to be the only man in your life.


Avoid speaking to your guy friends, when you are with your boyfriend, they hate it.


Guys also have a jealousy factor, even more than the girls. Trust me; guys can get jealous much faster than us.


Guys are more emotional than girls.


If a guy is sharing his problems with you, it simply means you are an indispensable part of his life, and he can trust you more than himself.


Boys love to brag about things.


They are also emotional and give efforts to save their relation, if anything goes wrong in it.


If a guy uses cute or hot words to describe you, then you are a random girl in his life, but if he compliments you as a beautiful girl, then he is crazy after you.


A man is ready to give advice on flirting anytime, but when it comes to giving advice on a relationship, they get blank.


Man can never have any final decision.


Guys ignore the girls who are emotionally fragile; they prefer femininity.


Guys love to discuss woman more than the girls discuss man.


Guys do not prefer extra skinny girls.


If you are precious to him, he would sacrifice his health, food, and sleep, just to be with you.


In a survey, I got to know guys get attracted towards a woman by her sexy hairstyle more, than her revealing cleavage. Girl’s shiny hair attracts boy’s way before her boobs. It’s time for a makeover, girls!


Men, who are into classical music, do not spit.


Guys prefer girls who are just like their moms.


Most men don’t like to shop and that’s why their shopping department is usually on the entrance of the store.


When guys get together with four or more friends, then their hot discussion would be on their favorite sports.


Guys always try hard to sort things out with their girlfriends, if the relationship is of more than 3 years.


If a man commits to call and he doesn’t call back, it doesn’t mean he is busy or he had lost your digits. It means that he is not interested in calling you back.


Guys believe in seeking advice from a girl, than from a boy.


The body temperature of a man is higher than a woman, so next time when you feel cold, go and sleep next to him. You will get the feel of a portable heater, which snores to the glory.


Beware! These guys can spread the gossip much faster than girls.


If a guy is in love with a girl, he will not leave any chance to tease the girl.


If a guy asks you to leave him alone, then you need to do the opposite of what he says at that moment. Stay and show how valuable he is for you.