Paulo Coelho – a cult writer . He wrote no less than – 18 books : novels, anthologies, collections of short stories , parables , and their circulation has more than 350 million copies. It is read and loved around the world .

Paulo Coelho as no one else can help to look at life from a different angle , a great find in the small , to look at life with optimism and find the strength to love. We have compiled

30 best quotes by Paulo Coelho about love and life that may help you understand for themselves that something important :

1.Sometimes you have to go around the world to understand that the treasure is buried in your own home.

2.If you are able to see the beauty, only because you wear a beautiful inside. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees his own reflection.

3.What happened once can never happen. But what has happened twice, and will certainly happen in the third.

4.When something much like, the whole universe will help make your wish come true.

5.If I’m going to do exactly those things, which people expect me to, I’ll get to them in slavery.

6.Life is always waiting for the right moment to act.

7.Lost – this is the best way to find something interesting.

8.The darkest hour – before the dawn.

9.If your man – he is yours, and if it pulls somewhere else, then nothing will keep, and not worth it no nerves, no attention.

10.Everything in the world – they are different manifestations of the same.

11.All say anything in the back, and the eye – which is beneficial.

12.If you love a person changes quickly, despair – even faster.

13.Where we are waiting, we always find ourselves just in time.

14.Life is sometimes surprisingly stingy – days, weeks, months, years, not a single person receives a new sensation. And then he opens the door – and it falls upon the whole avalanche.

15.Wait – this is the most difficult.

16.Our angels are always with us, and often they use someone’s lips to tell us something.

17.Constantly feel miserable – a luxury.

18.There are people who were born to go through life alone, it’s not bad and not good, that’s life.

19.You can never give up the dream! Dreams nourish our soul, just as food nourishes the body. No matter how many times in life we ​​either go through a bitter and see how broken our expectations, we still have to keep dreaming.

20.Sometimes you have to run to see who will run after you. Sometimes you have to speak more softly, to see who really listens to you. Sometimes you have to take a step back to see who is still on your side. Sometimes you have to make the wrong decisions, to see who was with you when everything collapses.

21.As soon as I found all the answers all the questions have changed.

22.The most important words in his life we ​​utter silence.

23.Sometimes you have to die in order to begin to live.

24.People want to change everything at once, and want things to remain the same.

25.What you are looking for, too, is looking for you.

26.Always say what you feel and do what you think! Silence breaks the fate …

27.Man does everything the opposite. In a hurry to grow up, and then sighs of the past childhood. Health spending for the sake of money and then spend the money on something to improve their health. Thinking about the future with such impatience that neglects this, because of what has neither the present nor the future. Live as if never die, and die as if he had never lived.

28.When he reached the end, people laugh fears muchivshimi them at the beginning.

29.It sometimes happens that life throws up two people – just to show both how important they are for each other.

30.Everyone always ends well. If it ended badly, so it’s not the end.