Habits that prevent us from moving forward. Getting rid of this gives a powerful boost of energy:

Tolerate what you do not like.
Try to be someone else.
To communicate with people who are killing your self-esteem.
Think about what others will say.
Try to keep everything under control.
Go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance.
Keep their opinions and feelings with you all.
Try to buy happiness.
Afraid to make a mistake.
Just think about others and not about themselves.
Try to please everyone.
Forget about relatives and parents.
Spend all their free time in the four walls.
Always in a hurry.
Judge yourself.
Saying “I can not” and set yourself up for failure.
Compare yourself to others.
Dwell on the past.
Just think about the future.
Complain about life and feel sorry for yourself.
Hold a grudge.
Buy and store unnecessary things.
Do it all yourself.
Trying to be perfect.
Shift responsibility onto others.
To compete with everyone.
Trying to be everything to everyone.
Be ungrateful.