There are no limits to the number of friends one can have, because, let’s face it, having a shoulder to cry on or share a laugh with, gives one a feeling of being loved. Here are three kinds of friends that everyone should have made by now. And trust us, these are the ones worth keeping:

The one who makes a genuine effort: These are the ones who will go all out to stay in touch with every little thing that happens in your life.Texts, emails and calls are only some of the means they will adopt to keep in touch with you. You would want to keep this one around, because at the end of a maddening day , this is the voice of reason that will calm you down.

The happy-cuddly-positive friend: Yes, we live in a cynical world and more often than not, we find ourselves lamenting in our sorrows.Which is why , you need that one friend who can be a ray of sunshine when there are dark clouds surrounding you -filling your mind with positive thoughts and egging you to move on. This is also the friend that will give the best hugs.

The one that makes you laugh: This one is hard to come by , especially when you are surrounded by misery and by extension, miserable company . The ones that make you laugh are instant mood lifters and will spare no effort to ensure that you come away after a conversation with them, with a smile.