When you truly accept yourself-realizing your weaknesses and strength, life becomes much easier. Staying true to yourself makes you free from all kind of trappings.
Honesty sets you free. It gives you a liberating feeling. When you are true to yourself, you have no mask to wear.

Live your own life: What you have is yours. So, don’t get carried away by other people’s lives.You might become attracted towards the rich lifestyle of your friends but that does not mean you must live life like that (even though it means living under debt). Learn to take pride in your life. Once you are true to your inner self, you need not make any effort to impress anybody.

Love yourself first: You cannot spread joy, happiness and love unless you love yourself. Love is to accept the way you are. You must be comfortable with your body and mind. Just because the world is reveling in summer fashion of short dresses, you must wear them even if you are not comfortable. The more you love yourself, the more love you attract.

Revel in real relationships: You can’t pretend to be another person in intimate relationships. The mask will wear off sooner or later. Just be yourself. If somebody can’t accept the way you are, he/she doesn’t deserve to be in your life. Pretending to be another person takes a lot of mental energy and gives a sense of tiredness. Being yourself makes you feel light.

SOURCE: http://timesofindia.com