1. Attractive people have a higher chance of getting a job interview

While it’s generally unsurprising that attractive people have a higher chance of pleasing an interviewer, it’s may be upsetting to learn of just how common this really is. A study conducted by the University of Messina and the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy makes for a fascinating examination of the real advantages of being beautiful.

For their study, over 10,000 resumes were sent out to prospective employers, with the same employment background but each differing in name and in the photo included on the resume. Across the board, the resumes received a 30 percent call back rate. But the call back rate was well above average for resumes with attractive photos – 54 percent for attractive women and 47 percent for attractive men. Less attractive women received by far the lowest call back rate at 7 percent, with unattractive men receiving a considerably higher rate at 26 percent.

With a higher chance of getting a call back after an interview, attractive people thus secure more job opportunities. In countries where including a headshot on a resume isn’t standard procedure, one could argue that a person’s qualifications secure the job interview. But in our digital age, online profiles that include a photo, like LinkedIn – which is commonly used in job applications – it’s easy to see how a person can very well be chosen for their looks. If not that, than being attractive at the very least it boosts a person’s chances of getting a job.
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2. The more beautiful you are, the more money you’re likely to make

Along this same vein of beauty as a marker for higher success rates, another study finds that CEOs who are considered attractive are heads of more successful companies than CEOs who are not.

StatisticBrain, an online statistics research service, notes that attractive workers earn 10 percent more than individuals considered to be unattractive and if that number is applied to a person’s lifetime in the long run, it’s a considerable amount indeed. The stats also points out that the average salary for a person with low self-esteem is $50,000 and for a highly confident person it’s $78, 927. That’s not to say one must be attractive in order to be confident, but of course there is a strong correlation between looking good and feeling good.

3. Attractive people are happier than the less attractive

According to a study on the economics of beauty, researchers determined that being beautiful raises a person’s happiness levels. The financial benefits of being beautiful, as we have explored, help to make a beautiful person happy. This, along with the higher chance of marrying an attractive and successful person, makes for an overall pretty package.

The economists who conducted the study analyzed 5 surveys in the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK, asking more than 25,000 participants to describe their happiness levels. The participants were also evaluated on levels of attractiveness. The people in the top 15 most attractive percentile were 10 percent happier than the individuals in the least attractive percentile.

[Source: Therichest.com ]