6. He talks non-stop about you to his closest friends.

He just can’t shut up about you. Even his friends are getting tired of hearing about you, but he just can’t help it. He’s so happy about being in a relationship with you, he feels the need to talk about it incessantly. That’s why whenever you do run into a few of his friends, they will always know more about you than you think. It’s because he is always talking about you when he’s with them.

7. He would do things that he normally wouldn’t do just for you.

He doesn’t really like to exercise but he would go to that yoga class with you because you’re shy about going alone. He really isn’t a fan of watching chick flicks but he would still willingly go with you to watch that new Ryan Gosling movie. He would willingly do things he doesn’t like doing just so you are happy. He considers your happiness to be his own personal happiness as well.

8. He never puts you in an uncomfortable position to do something you don’t want.

He doesn’t ever pressure you into anything. He knows and respects your boundaries that you have set in the relationships. He understands that expectations that you have for him in your love affair. He would never ever pressure you into doing anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

9. He isn’t shy about giving you compliments.

Any chance he can get to actually make you feel better about yourself, he’s going to take it. Get ready to be showered with compliments left and right. He is always looking to boost your confidence by bombarding you with affectionate words.

10. Commitment doesn’t faze him one bit.

He is always ready to commit to you. He isn’t going to back down from the challenge. He knows that relationships aren’t always going to be easy and exciting. He knows that it’s going to get difficult and awkward at times, but he’s still willing to commit to you.

11. He trusts and respects you enough to always tell you the truth.

He doesn’t lie to you. Simple as that. If a man really liked you, then he wouldn’t be subjecting you to lies or false promises. He would never ever withhold the truth from you.

12. He always makes time for you.

Time is the most important gift we could ever give to another person. If he is always giving you his time, then he is really serious about his feelings for you


H/T :  Relrules