1. Lawn Romance

Set up some lawn chairs or lay beach towels on the grass. Have a cooler of beer or bucket of margaritas. Grill up some hot dogs or make some sandwiches and bum out on the lawn. While it may sound a bit boring, this date idea is budget-friendly and fun.

2. Yard Sales and Flea Markets

Get some pocket change together and go to yard sales or a flea market. Spend your nickels and dimes and buy each other a gift. You can exchange it at the end of the date and see who got the better deal. You will have lots of fun and you or your partner might even get a useful gift.

3. Build a Fort

Go online and do some research. Find a style of fort you could build together and get going. It’s a great way to spend a day and lounge around together. Building something isn’t for kids only, so consider trying out this idea, especially on a rainy day.

4. Pick Fruit

Go to a local farm and pick some fruit. These places often have hay rides or little petting zoos. After everything, head home and bake up a storm together. It’s one of the best fall date ideas you can try with your date.

5. Go to a Play

Sounds expensive, but you can call around to the theater and ask to buy tickets for the dress rehearsal. These tickets cost a fraction of the price. Another choice is to attend high school plays and recitals. Don’t like this idea? Keep reading. There are plenty of fun and cheap date ideas to try!

6. Go to the Book Store

If your date is a huge book lover, grab a coffee and browse the book store. Try picking out a book your think your partner would like and then see how well you know each other. Reading his favorite book together might be interesting and fun.

7. Go to the Arcade

Break the piggy bank and head to the arcade for a few hours of old fashioned fun. Kill zombies while romance blooms. Well, it’s not actually romantic, but you will certainly have a lot of fun.

8. Cook Together

Find a recipe you both want to try and get a bottle of wine. You’ll see how well you work together and get a bit tipsy. There are many quick and easy recipes to try these days, so you won’t have to cook the whole day to enjoy a delicious dinner.

9. Go Hiking

It costs nothing to pull on your hiking shoes and take a romantic walk through the forest. Hiking is a great exercise and it’s a cheap way to burn mega calories as well as improve your health. Just make sure you and your partner stay hydrated and don’t forget to take along some healthy snacks.

10. Be a Teacher

Think about what you do well. If you can draw, cook, play tennis or paint, then give your partner a one hour lesson on how to do it. After, let them teach you what they do best. This builds great communications skills. Plus, you will learn something new. Learning never hurts anyone, you know.


11. Check the Colleges

If you or your date don’t want to be a teacher, find out what events are going on at the local colleges and universities. Go to a lecture together and learn something new. Before saying that it’s boring, give it a try.

12. Fly Kites

Get a couple of kites or even make a couple. Go to the local park and have a fun windy date. You can even battle your kites for extra excitement.

13. Driving Range

There are plenty of driving ranges that are free to practice. Borrow a set of clubs from a friend and get down to the range. You pay for a bucket of balls and can stay as long as you like. Great!

14. Factory Tour

It’s one of the most interesting date ideas to try any time of the year. Find out what factories in your area offer free tours. You can learn something new and factories often give away samples of their products at the end of the tour.

15. Do Yard Work

It’s fun to do something together. Yard work allows you to be outside together and accomplish a task. Rake leaves, pull weeds, or plant an herb garden. Cheap, fun and useful!

16. Go Fishing

Ask around to see if there are any nearby ponds or lakes that have great fishing. Grab a couple fishing poles, a couple beers and head down to the water. Sit at the edge of the water in lawn chairs or on some beach towels and get to know each other better. Fishing is a wonderful idea for the second date.

17. Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way for you and your date to connect with each other. Choose a cause and volunteer. Head down to the local government office, animal rescue or soup kitchen and use your date to do some good in the community. Volunteering is a rewarding activity and it has many great advantages.

18. Mini Golf

A wondrously fun date. Mini golf has all the cuteness of being mini and the fun of golf. The atmosphere is relaxed, a little competitive and very cheap, so why not try?

19. Play Card Games

Get a deck of cards, a blanket and a bottle of wine. This can be a very romantic date. You can play inside on rainy days or go out to the park or even the back yard. Playing card games will keep your mind in top shape!

20. Stage a Photo Shoot

Get your camera and head out to various locations. Take glamour shots of each other. In the end you can print the ones you like and make an album. You will have lots of fabulous memories. This is a fantastic and flirty date idea.