7. Romance is Dead

Couples typically have peaks and valleys to their sex life; it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is cheating-sometimes changes in hormones, health, or stress can affect a woman’s sex drive. Either way, if you notice a lull in intimacy, it’s good to communicate through it. Ask what’s going on and really care about the answer. If she’s having sex with someone else instead of you, isn’t it better just to know?

8. Constantly On Her Phone

Smart phones might be more of a problem for relationships than infidelity. But, if you catch her smiling or laughing at her phone; or blushing like a school girl at the little screen, there might be cause for concern. Instead of snooping or letting your anxiety over the matter get the best of you, you should probably just ask her about it. Who’s making you smile like that? You know, in polyamorous relationships, seeing someone else make your partner happy can increase one’s own happiness. There’s even a word for it; compersion.