More than 20 stunning short hairs to try that will rock your look

Most of the people, who have round faces, usually don’t go for the short hairstyles, as they have in mind that it will highlight the roundness of their face. All you need is a right haircut which suits your face shape and if you are successful in it then nothing can be better than a short hairstyle. If you have accidently fallen in round face shape realm then the suggestion here are a must read for you as it really can be a game changer. A round face is not only wide from cheek to cheek but it also happens to possess great symmetry. You should try styles that help you break this symmetry and that help you to avoid wide cheeks and make you face look elongated. Take a look at short hairstyles for round faces here and learn to accept the face shape you were born with-and be proud of it.


In this haircut the hair are long at the temples but short at the sides. On the top of your head the hair are left in three sizes they are long in the back, longer in middle, and longest up in the front. There is a parting between sides and the top. This hairstyle is very easy to make you need not visit any stylist but all that you need is some hair spray or some styling paste and a round brush that’s all. It won’t take any longer than five minutes and it will be done. This style suits a round face with a medium texture and density and is the most popular among short hairstyles for round faces.


In this haircut greater emphasis is given to your heads top as there the hair are comparatively longer as compared to the sides where they are short in length. The top is styled with height of the spikes and airy texture hence giving it the name airy volume. All you need to make this style is a hair brush and some hairspray.


This hairdo in short hairstyles for round faces has got an edgy look but the emphasis of the edges is reduced by the amazing hair colour and the wavy texture of the hair. In this haircut again the hair are left long up top and they are short on the sides. In this style, you will need to create soft height and for that a construction paste is the best choice.


This style really suits round faced people with narrow foreheads. In this haircut, the hairs are short on the sides. In earlier haircuts, their length was uniform but in this one they are shortest on the bottom they grow longer building some weight as well as density on the sides for the long hair up top. On the top again you will find the longest hair in the middle and the length will gradually decrease on both the sides.


This hairstyle has become talk of the day and this is very high fashion. A lot many people are now opting for this style as it greatly adds to your personality. The hairs up top have a lot of length as compared to the sides which are shorter in length.


In short hairstyles for round faces, textured asymmetry is stylishly beautiful hairdo. In it, the hairs are really short on one side while they are longer on the other. Top of the head is left long but it is worn to that side where the hair are left longer hence giving this haircut an even greater asymmetric look. Shaping cream will be the best option for making this style.


In this hairstyle, the hair are cut into layer hence making them fall forwards onto the face as they are shorter in the back and longer up front. First of all you need to apply some styling product which can wet you hair then using a hair drier blow dry the hair using a stylish brush along with it then use some hair spray and style the hair into place and you are done.


This haircut has some edgy braids on the sides making them tighter due to it the volume of hair is removed from the sides and the width of the face is reduced giving it an elongated look. It is a perfect selection in short hairstyles for round faces. In addition the long hair on top serve the same function that is making your face look longer. To create this hairdo, you need a styler that has long lasting hold and in addition to that is light weight as well.


The most extraordinary thing about this haircut is that it is both edgy and feminine at the same time. The volume on the sides is removed and the hair on the sides are pinned tightly preventing a round shape to look more round. Then to the top touchable waves are added using a styler hence giving this hair cut its name i.e. edgy waves. It is a fantastic selection in short hairstyles for round faces.


In this bob type hairstyle, hair are shorter on the back of head and longer up front. This causes the hair forwards and fall on the face making the face narrow and long and elongated as well. On the back of head hair are dense and they are shorter on the bottom and longer on top hence forming a beautifully shaped profile and personality.


In this haircut, you have a deep side part and due to it the hair sweep across to one side and cover a part of it as a result your face looks narrow long and elongated. To add a luminous shine and to remove the frizz all you need is are a few drops of gloss. This hair style is very attractive for people with round faces.


If you don’t tuck your hair behind the ears they fall onto your face and cover the ears and the sides as well hence making the face appear narrower! It completely changes their look as their face no longer looks round instead it’s more like elongated giving it a very new look. Thus the un-tucked hairdo is a superb choice in short hairstyles for round faces. If you are fed up or you have tried all the hairstyles for round faces then this is the one for you. It’s a must have once in life.


This is a very interesting hair style it consists of layers that fall up to the cheek and they flip out away from the face. This hairstyle is a proof that a short length haircut is really an impressive hairdo. You mustn’t use any hair spray or styler that is too sticky or too strong as this haircut is touchable and soft and such a product will ruin its real glow.


This bob is not only short and shabby but has innumerable edgy layers and on top it has spikes. Mostly, this haircut is done in crimson colour as it really gives a vibrant look to the hair which falls up to the jaw line. Edgy bob hairdo is unique in short hairstyles for round faces. As you use a flat iron for styling which then makes the hair dry and boring so to add the vibrant and fresh look you must not forget to use some texture products or some gloss drops.


This super amazing haircut is not only flirty but is also fun to wear. This hair cut is specifically for those who have a longer forehead as the side bangs which are cut to perfection create a balance out the longer forehead. The winged out layers help to reshape your facial look from round to elongated.


In short hairstyles for round faces, this haircut has some gorgeous copper colour with a little bit of brownish shade to it. This shade gives it a more natural look. Long wavy bangs and a side part add attractiveness to this soft curly awesome style. The broken up curls look so romantic thus making this style a must have especially for a date night. The shoulder length hairs are not just sexy but also make the face thinner and elongated.


Centre part and super bouncy waves add up to create this lovely hairstyle and a bit longer hair length. It not only looks amazing but makes the face long elongated and beautiful. If you have a narrower chin then you must add volume to hair at neck it will balance out the narrow chin. This look will be perfect for hairs that are fine to thick and straight to slightly curly.


This is a very classical hairstyle in short hairstyles for round faces and is also edgy at the same time. Thick full bangs are the main components of this classy and sexy looking haircut. A glossy finish to this cut looks way too much sassy that one can die for. Hairs that are very thick and can be easily ironed are best for this sort of cut. They look even greater if you flip the bangs backwards as they create an even more balanced look.


Tightly spiralled ringlets are outdated nowadays. Nobody wants them any longer now instead they go for wavy patterns and hair that are winged out and are easy to make. They can be done in no time and as a result they give a chick look as well and this hairstyle is one best example. As in this cut the long hairs help elongate your face plus the shorter hair balance out and give fullness to the jaw line. Medium thick hairs that are straight to wavy are best for such a cut. This hairdo is gorgeous in appearance in short hairstyles for round faces.


This haircut has both neat and rough elements present in it at the same time. You should always have some sort of bang if you possess a round face as it helps balance out the roundness of the face. The caramel colour in this look gives a whole new look to the person one that is even beyond imagination and it rocks! Medium to thick hair are the best for this look.


This is a beautiful hairstyle that is full of bounce and volume making a sophisticated and gorgeous look and is also a formal hairstyle. It consists of bangs parted to the sides and they flip away from the face hence creating a young and youthful look. When the hairs are pulled out and away this gives an awesome look to round face. In short hairstyles for round faces, this style is great for girls with straight to slightly curly hair.


This haircut will make you unique and you will be able to standout in a crowd. This looks like something animated or from out of a comic book something supernatural. This haircut has cuts above the jaw line making round faces fabulous. This hairstyle is best for girls with super thick hair as they can be easily straightened. Such bold colours add a flavour of youth to your personality.


These curls really look amazing on round face shape. In it, the length is no longer than the chin but the curls make them appear shorter and sexier. As there are no bangs in this haircut so it seems to be softer and simpler and sober at the same time. A deep side part adds to the beauty of the cut making it look even more elegant. This hairstyle has a wavy nature and is best for girls with medium to thick hair.


If you want to show off your beautiful features then choose flipped frock in short hairstyles for round faces; it can be better than short bouncy layers. They don’t just show off but also break up a round circular face and make it look like long and elongated and slim and narrow. Straight hairs are the easiest to style into this style. The short layers of hair around the face help to break the circular and round face. Short medium or long any lengths of hairs are suitable for this look. Hairs that are a bit thick are more ideal as they can stay put for longer periods of time as they have more hold. If you introduce colour in patches or stripes to this style that will be a very good way to draw attention.


This style really looks elegant and is amongst the best choices for a night out and will really make people turn their heads to you. This really is an apt way to make yourself prominent. This haircut is not just elegant but fun to wear as well and it really suits people with medium to thick hair.


This is a very trendy haircut with lots and lots of edges to it. The fringe around eyes looks lovely and helps you hide the roundness of your face. This look is asymmetrical but only a little bit. These look only great if you have straight shiny hair.


In all short hairstyles for round faces, absolutely a-line is formal haircut. In this style your hair are shorter in the back and longer in the front hence it’s a great way to make your face appear narrow and elongated. If you add a rich colour to it that will result in a more amazing look as your hair will now appear as even more healthier and more shining.


If you are unable to decide that which haircut you should go for and all you like are simple shapes then this haircut becomes a must have for you. This haircut is not just sleek but textured as well and is very easy to style as well no need to go to the stylist every now and then. A great thing about this cut is that it looks amazing on type of face either round or oval and even square or pear. This will look amazing on people who have fine medium or thick hair.

To possess shiny long ponytails swaying in the wind and bouncing from one shoulder to the other was the ultimate dream of every maiden, in the past. Those long strands running all the way down to the waist and beyond had its way in many a man’s heart and remained the subject of much allure and desire. But trends are changing these days. It is not always easy to manage and maintain such long hair without putting in a good amount of time and effort. With these short hairstyles for round faces, you can make sure that your hair is on top of the game all the time and enjoy the attention and admiration that a good hairstyle brings. The above mentioned hairstyles make your face appear narrow and elongated giving you an exclusively new look which not only you would like but the others would appreciate it too proving that change is always good.