Looking for the perfect woman to date can be the hardest task in today’s world, am not saying women are hard to find but getting a real woman with real qualities of a mature woman can be so hard. Today have Listed some of the Qualities that Might Be Of help to you.

1. She Puts God First.

2. She is supportive.

3. She is goal Minded.

4. She is kind.

 5. She encourages you.

6. She is honest.

7. She respects her parents.

8. She respects her/your purity.

9. She is modest.

10. She puts God first.

11. She is friendly.

12. She laughs at your jokes.

13. She is someone you are attracted to.

14. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

15. She will pray for you/with you.

16. She is a hard worker.

17. She is responsible.

18. She doesn’t gossip.

19. She doesn’t make hasty decisions.

20. She has good manners.

I know Its not easy to get a woman with every quality Listed above but am sure some of them will have the few listed qualities Hope you Enjoy.