When it seems that the world has no chance of salvation, there is a ray of hope. Let him quite small, but it reminds us that any disaster is over, life goes on, and that there are moments that make life worth living and loving:

China. 11-year-old boy, who suffers from a brain tumor before his death asked to give his liver and kidneys other patients than saving a few people. Doctors thank still alive child and his mother.


During the protests. They are not to blame, they just follow orders

The first bouquet

Forever together

Wedding in the Philippines during the flood

True friends won’t leave you in the lurch

Returned from the army. Alive!

Sincere faith

Make love, not war

Soldier feeds kitten


When glance says it all


The boy is going to ask Santa to his father returned from Iraq. He still does not know that his wish will come true right now…