Pictures have been used as evidence for historical events as well as major milestones in our lives. The art of photography has been molded and evolved to the point where photos are now more accurate than ever in their depiction of real-life. But just as photos can depict reality, they can also distort the truth and cause us to see something that isn’t there. Thanks to our eyes and brain communicating, sometimes we see things that aren’t actually real, and it takes someone else to sit and explain to us what we are really seeing and why it happened in the way that it did. We see the world through our eyes, but it’s our brain that interprets what our eyes see. Perception can be incredibly deceiving as well as incredibly eye opening when it comes to seeing things that are both fake and real.
Here are ten pictures that need to be explained in order to be understood. These photos have holes in them that our brain is trying to make sense of, and therefore fills in the information with patterns that we already know, hence to why we look at these photos incorrectly the first time around. One can even try to analyze your psychological state based on what you see first in some of these photos and can tell you whether or not you have a dirty mind. It’s probably safe to say that most of us would probably fall in the category of being perverts or being in possession of a slightly corrupt mind.