There comes a time in every relationship for your boyfriend (or friend with benefits) to see your room. Gasp! This can be nerve-wracking because you’ve seen his place a few times and now you’re bringing him into your personal space. Maybe you really like hanging at his place and don’t want him at yours. Maybe you’re afraid he’s going to see the weird antique lamp collection your Great Aunt Abigail left you when she died that you can’t bear to part with. On the flip side, maybe you just don’t care and you’re just taking it in your stride. No matter your feelings on the subject, there are some things that need to be removed from your bedroom.

1. Photos Of You With Other Guys


If you’re inviting your guy into your bedroom, he probably feels at least a little bit special. Not all guys you go on dates with get to see such a private and special place to you. Something to remember is that guys are more observers than commenters. They may notice things and not say anything but instead make silent judgments or think particular thoughts that you’ll never know about. If you have that photo of you with your cousin Billy or your gay best friend Ricky taped to your mirror, and it’s very visible to people in your room, it might be good to say something so he doesn’t think he’s just a notch on your belt.

2. Stuffed Animals


But Snuffles the elephant has been with you since you were a baby, so why would you get rid of him? The truth is, you don’t have to and seeing stuffed animals isn’t a problem to all guys. Just some of them. Seeing stuffed animals makes some guys think you’re immature and childish. And it might make them feel a little bit dirty since they’re seeing your youthful side, while thinking of other bedroom activities. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to put them in the closet until he leaves.

3. Dust/Dirt/Grime


Nobody likes cleaning. It’s just a necessary evil. And life can get super busy and hectic for a lot of people, so oftentimes bedrooms get left out of your weekly cleaning routine. It seems more important to sweep up the crumbs in the kitchen and clean the bathroom, right? Guys don’t want to date a slob. If your bedroom is dirty, with tons of dust on the floor, maybe some garbage you forgot to throw out or even finger prints on the windows, it might be time to tackle that cleaning job. He doesn’t want to think about getting serious with you if you can’t even keep your own space clean. Sounds like a job for Mr. Clean.

4. Guys’ Boxers


Men’s clothes are so much more comfortable than women’s clothes, aren’t they? Since many women agree with this statement, it’s easy to see why we might buy some men’s clothing to wear around the house: pajama pants, t-shirts, tank tops or even boxers. Be careful if your current pajamas consist of men’s boxers because if he sees them, he might get the wrong idea and there’s nothing he hates more than the idea of sharing you with other men, even if he says he’s okay being in an open relationship.

5. Unnaturally Large Toys


You already know what you do with him in his bedroom, and chances are, he’s dying to do it with you in your bedroom too. If you have a physical relationship with your boyfriend, he’s probably totally cool with the fact that you own some sex toys. He wants you to be sexual and feel comfortable in your own skin. What he doesn’t want to see in your bedroom is a massive sex toy that makes him feel inferior. No guy wants to feel like he’s not man enough for you. So if he sees that, he might think he’s not and move on to someone who makes him feel like he is.

6. Food Or Dirty Dishes


Sometimes people eat in their bedrooms. Maybe that’s where your television is or maybe you’re in shared accommodation and the only privacy you have from your oh-so-annoying roommates is locked in your bedroom binge watching Scandal. Your bedroom, your rules. However, if you’re a bit of a slob and get food or crumbs all over the place, that’s not so cool. Guys hate it when they come in to your room and step in old food, or see a plate with half eaten chicken on it or see a pile of dirty dishes in the corner. This also rolls out the red carpet for bugs. Do yourself a favour and wash your dishes right after you’re done eating or at least leave them in the kitchen sink.

7. Pretty In Pink


Now wait a minute. You thought only real men wore pink so why would this be a problem? Though this is most certainly true, there’s a difference between sporting a pink t-shirt and walking into a bedroom decorated with baby pink boas, a hot pink carpet and drapery fit for a Barbie doll. Too much pink or frill is a really big turn off to most guys. It’s hard to feel sexy and masculine in an entirely pink bedroom, not to mention it’s distracting. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Tone it down so he doesn’t have to shield his eyes when he comes over.

8. Pets who own your bed


Guys love animals. Therefore, it’s only natural he’s going to want to meet your precious Pepper the Poodle or Crowley the Cat (everyone knows it’s Crowley’s room and you belong to him anyways). He’s probably even cool with the fact that you sleep with your pets at night or that they have their own little doggie bed in the corner. What they hate though, is when you have a shrine to your pets in your room and you absolutely, under no circumstances, refuse to close the door and leave them in the hallway. He wants to feel like you’re choosing him over your pets and they just get in the way sometimes anyways.

9. No Lock On The Bedroom Door


If you’re in your twenties, there’s nothing wrong with still living at home or living with a roommate. Most guys are cool enough to understand you’re still getting on your feet or you’re still finishing up school or paying off debts, the list goes on… If they step into your personal space and notice that there’s no lock on the door, they absolutely hate that. First of all, there’s no privacy for you (how can you even live like that?) Second, especially with family or roommates, there’s a chance that someone could walk in on some unnamed activity and that’s a no-go. If you don’t have a lock on your door you might want to look into somewhere like this door store seattle and get a new one.

10. Celebrity Crush Posters



Do you have Bieber fever? Are you deep for Johnny Depp? How about cool for Channing Tatum? These things are totally okay. You’re supposed to have crushes on unattainable, beautiful men (Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are also acceptable crushes). The thing is, you’re not 16 anymore so covering your walls with their faces is a little bit immature now. If there’s more face than wall on your wall, guys hate it and probably won’t make a return trip.

11. Stains On The Sheets


Yes, leaks happen and we don’t always have the time to get rid of the period stains. Sometimes, it happens that morning on the big mad rush to work or sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get those sheets thrown in the laundry. It doesn’t even faze most women to see a spot or two of dried blood on their sheets. Besides, whose gunna wash their sheets in the middle of shark week? They’re going to wait until it’s over. Guys hate this. They know you get periods. But this reminder of blood will trigger one of two thoughts for them: One, he thinks you’re a serial killer or two, that you’re unclean (he’s gonna wonder how long those stains have been there for). Probably best to put another blanket on top while he’s over.

12. Condom Wrappers In The Trash


You know how you don’t like to think about seeing these when you’re over at his place when you first get there? He feels the same way. Whatever your arrangement and agreement is, he hates knowing or thinking that you’re involved with other guys. Seeing condom wrappers or worse, used condoms in the trash is something best avoided. If you are intimate with multiple people, whether he knows it or not, be sure to hide the evidence. Besides, no one likes a bragger.

13. Makeup Stains



Most women wear makeup. And it’s hard to scrub that crap off your face. Mascara, bronzer and blush are just a few of the things that can stain your pillowcases or sheets. He doesn’t like seeing this. And lipstick marks on your mirror – he doesn’t like those either. These stains give off the likely false appearance that you’re a slob and don’t clean up or do your laundry.

14. Another Guy


If this one isn’t self-explanatory, then it’s unclear what exactly might be. When you invite your guy over to see your bedroom, he can probably live with all of the other things: stuffed animals, makeup stains on sheets, your dog, all the pink and even your dirty dishes. What he would hate more than anything else would be opening the door to your bedroom and seeing another guy. Maybe he’s hiding in the closet, jumping out the window or lying seductively on the bed. If one of your exes still has keys to your place, it might be a good idea to get them back or change the locks just to be safe.