Marilyn Monroe will never stop to be a fashion icon and the embodiment of amazing femininity and beauty. Still, everybody focuses on her famous life and death, very few things about her private life being known. It is time to make some light in this case and bring to the surface stunning facts very few people know about. Here are the things tabloids never mentioned about Marilyn Monroe. To your knowledge, her real name was entirely different than what you know. As many celebrities back in the days, she also changed her name to a stage one. So don’t go anywhere and find out what Marilyn Monroe’s real name was, among other interesting aspects.

1.       Prior to being a celebrity, Marilyn Monroe worked in an aircraft factory

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was not born famous. She started her life in a very modest way, as a worker in one of the plane factories opened during the World War II. She first occupied the positions of parachute inspector, checking out how these were manufactured. Then went on to being an aircraft parts spray painter. Not the exciting life everyone thought she had for always.

2.       She was discovered in a military drone factory

Marilyn Monroe

As you might thing, she never really auditioned for anything. Chance made that a photographer visited the military drone factory Marilyn was working in and believed the young girl has a huge potential as a model. Thus, he took some photos of her and set an audition for Norma Jeane Mortenson, the real name of Marilyn Monroe. She would eventually change it to the one everybody knows today. Not a very attractive name, nor the best location to start a celebrity life, but it appears that faith set everything up for Marilyn.

3.       She was the first cover girl for the famous Playboy Magazine

Yes, she started the Playmate trend, appearing on the first number of the Playboy Magazine. It all happened in 1949. She got only $50 for the cover picture and helped well-known Hugh Hefner start his multimillionaire empire.

4.       Marilyn was awful about keeping lines in mind

Even though everybody knows her as an actress, Marilyn had significant issues with bearing in mind the lines for her roles. Amazingly, but a simple line, which even a toddler could remember, like “It’s me honey” from the “Some like it hot” movie, took Marilyn about 60 takes to get it right. You never expect this, did you?

5.       She wasn’t a clean person either


You would expect a diva like her to take regularly care of her, in the meaning of bathing all the time, using body lotions, creams and whatever it takes to be a real lady. But instead, Marilyn Monroe was not a fan of bathing, doing this relatively rarely. Also, she had the bad habit of serving her meals in bed. Nothing strange so far, but wait until you find out that she used to tuck her left-overs under the bed sheets. Not to mention that flatulence was another issue she had.

6.       Her image was highly advertised

She appeared in so many commercials and product advertisers, that she even got the title of the “Most advertised girl in the world”. During her supremacy, in 1953, her face was highly sought after.

7.       Marilyn appreciated nudity a lot

Although it was every man’s dream to see Marilyn naked, she enjoyed it being like this as much as possible. Her female employees would often see her walking around nude. Also, she loved so much the mink coat Joe DiMaggio, her second husband, gave her, that she would often wear nothing but that when going out.