How to Tell if Your Child is Being Beaten up at School

It is often difficult to tell if you child is being beaten up in school as children as they often feel ashamed and try to hide it from their parents, however, there are key signs, behaviors and symptoms to look out for.

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs and we often fear the worst for our child. There can be nothing worse than finding out your child is being beaten up in school, but often it’s difficult for parents to know what’s happening in their child’s life as being sullen and uncommunicative is a phase most children go through. How can you tell if your child is being beaten up in school?

Physical signs

  • If your child comes home with unexplained cuts and bruises, or seems to be hiding a part of their body from you it could be that they are being bullied in school. There are some questions you need to ask yourself here; is it a one off or has it happened on multiple occasions? Are the bruises very light or more serious? Are they singular or are there many of them? All these can point towards whether it’s bullying or if it’s something else.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your child about the bruises, do they give a good reason or shy away? Just because your child has cuts and bruises doesn’t mean they are getting bullied there are key behavioral cues to watch out for.

Behavior changes

  • Has your child become more sullen or withdrawn? Have you noticed a sudden change in their behavior, perhaps their academic performance has dropped, or they are complaining of being ill to avoid school. Other behavioral symptoms include; anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, difficulty forming friendships, trouble sleeping and a loss of appetite.
  • It is important to judge whether your child seems scared of school as this is a key sign they may be being beaten up.

Other symptoms

  • Mystery phone calls and the targeting of your home for pranks and practical jokes may also be signs your child is being bullied.
  • If you have concerns your child is being bullied or beaten up don’t be afraid to talk to your child and try to foster open communication by making sure they are relaxed you might also want to talk to your child’s teachers in private and try to keep your emotions under control.