You may have a lot of friends that have already tied the knot, and if you don’t have a serious girlfriend or boyfriend, then you’ve likely been asked far too many times by now when you’re going to follow in their footsteps. Marriage is not something that everyone is crazy about, though, and while some people decide to get married in their early 20s, others do it in their 30s or even when they’re much older. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your feelings, but if you want to get an idea of whether you’re going to get married when you’re younger or older, the following signs may indicate that it’s the latter.

1. You Barely Know Yourself

Whether people do really change with time is open to debate. But the fact is that when you’re in your early 20s, you don’t know yourself well enough to commit to a relationship that’s going to last the rest of your life. So if people keep saying that you need to grow up and become more mature emotionally, then it’s a good sign you are still learning about yourself and should keep it up. It’s only when you truly know who you are and what you want from life that you’ll be able to find and marry the right person and share a wonderful life together.

2. You’re Not Financially Stable

Money makes the world go round, and no matter how much you would say you’re in love with someone, at the end of the day money is still a very important aspect in any relationship. Yes, you may act confident and feel ready to go to the ends of the earth for your significant other just to see her happy, but when life brings financial hardship, it can be a nasty slap. If you find yourself without the means to get the basic things you need, it’s clear that you’re not ready to financially support yourself and your future family.

3. You Feel Like There’s a Whole World Out There Waiting to Be Explored

When you’re in your 20s, you’re at or close to your sexual peak, and your curiosity is also high. You likely feel that you want to explore and experience the world as much as you can. You don’t have time for serious relationships, and you certainly don’t want to settle down yet. If you feel that there’s nothing more powerful and pure than the freedom you feel, the chances of you getting married anytime soon are slim to none.

4. You Don’t Think Much About It

If you have doubts about marriage or you don’t even see the point of it, then you are likely to get married much later in life, when you might realize that being alone is not that fun. If the very thought of being in a relationship with one person for the rest of your life seems scary, then it’s a strong sign that you still have a lot of things to figure out before committing. Pull yourself together and take some time to seriously think about whether your life is going to be better after getting married, or if you’re more of a natural loner.

5. You Have Trust Issues

Many of us reach a point where, after the bad experiences we’ve had in life, we find that really trusting people is difficult or downright impossible. So if you’re always cautious when interacting with people and you’re reserved when you have to talk about yourself, it’s likely not going to change anytime soon unless you do something about it. Most people will develop trust issues if they’ve created strong bonds with others they loved and respected who eventually turned away from them. These experiences make you more reluctant to forge new relationships, since you feel like you just can’t trust people emotionally. If so, you may find yourself in a difficult position, which almost guarantees you’ll get married later in life.

6. You Need Privacy and Time Alone

Everyone needs some time alone, but if you continually feel like you are better off alone than with someone, then it’s a bit difficult to enter a relationship like marriage. You may not like to be disturbed when you’re working at home or having quiet time, or when you’ve called some friends over to have a good time. If that’s how you feel, it clearly indicates that you need to grow more as a person to be successful and happy in a marriage. However, there are also people who just enjoy spending more time on their own than being with someone else, where they’d have to put up with things that they think outweigh any happiness that person brings to their life.

7. You Find It Hard to Date

Dating in itself takes effort, because you likely feel the need to always look and feel good in order to impress the person you’re dating, and show him or her the best of you. Not everyone finds this easy, since they may be shy or even feel like they’re just not that special, or they are worried about dating someone who they may think is ‘out of their league.’ If you feel this way, then you may have self-esteem and confidence issues, which will either go away with time and life experience, or after you’ve talked to a therapist. By addressing these issues first, you’ll then be able to enjoy a much healthier dating life, and may even find the person that you’ll spend the rest of your life with.