Who doesn’t eat instant noodles? They are tasty and incredibly easy to make. Each time you feel hunger hitting your stomach, but are not in the mood to cook something elaborate, a bag of instant noodles is very handy. Since they are appreciated around the world, it is futile to say that these noodles have an incredibly broad market. The entire noodle business costs fortunes. Still, is this food right for us? Health studies related to what happens in our stomach after consuming these noodles started to appear, triggers by the massive popularity this instant type of food gained in time. So here is another study, made with the help of a camera that is not larger than a pill, inside the stomach right after eating a serving of instant noodles.

#1     Who did the study?

Who did the study?

Image Source: Flickr 

A doctor at the Massachusetts General Hospital, more precisely Dr. Braden Kuo, decided to start this interesting experiment. Using a very popular brand of noodles everybody consumes in the area, he wanted to see what happens inside the digestive tract. So he started the process with the previously mentioned camera, getting no less than 32 hours of filmed scenes inside the stomach.