Why Staying Close To The Workplace Isn’t Always The Best Idea

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Most of us would argue that staying closer to the workplace makes more sense, than staying far away and spending hours in commute. But you’ll be surprised to know that a study conducted in Australia reveals something entirely different. It says that some people look forward to a long commute because it gives them enough ‘me’ time, besides giving them an invigorating social experience. There’s no denying that you do get enough time to reflect and think, but there are several other reasons staying close to the workplace isn’t as good as it sounds. We bring you 13 of them.

1. You’re expected to reach office sooner.

Akshay Kumar


2. And leave later!

Tom and Jerry


3. You are the person forced into coping with ‘last minute emergencies’

Aishwarya Rai


4. You are the first one they’ll call even on your day off!



5. You have less excuses to stay late at work.

Home late


6. Your place becomes the default party location whether you like it or not.

Salman Khan


7. People decide to crash at your place after getting drunk.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


8. You are subjected to ‘walk-home’ jokes every day.



9. And people never sympathise with you for working late.

Sorry I am late


Because you stay ‘right here,’ and don’t have the option of ‘getting late.’

10. Your friends expect you to be ready to party even on weekdays.

Varun Dhawan


11. You are in charge of taking care of the stuff that people leave behind.

Ranbir Kapoor


*Can you go and check if I left my charger behind?* Oh my god, the expectations are unreal!

12. You’re taken for granted because you’re expected to be available all the time.