Beautiful Easter Egg Bouquet….Freshness

gallery 1457109904 flowersBeautiful Easter Egg Bouquet....Freshness

Put all of your eggs in one … vase!​

A-tisket, a-tasket, this is so much better than a basket! Even grocery store blooms look Sunday-brunch special with ombre eggs and an easy vase hack.

1. Get the supplies.

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Chose two vases, one large and wide and the other slim enough to fit inside with plenty of room around it.

2. Combine the vases.

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Fill the smaller of the two vases with water and place it in the center of the larger vase.

3. Fill with eggs.

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Arrange decorated hard-cooked eggs around the perimeter of the smaller vase until they fill it to the top.

4. Pick the flowers.

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Focus on different hues of the same shade (like pink). Mix in white and green for dimension.

5. Clean the stems.


Snip leaves from stems and trim the bottom inch or two on a diagonal.

6. Arrange the blooms.

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Gather the stems first in your hand, playing with placement, size, and stem length. Once you have a good shape, place in vase and fill until lush.

7. Add the bouquet.

gallery 1457109904 flowers