​”Makeup is not the reason I am happy,” she says. “I’m happy because I love myself.”

I know you’ve seen tons of makeup transformations, but I guarantee you haven’t seen one as inspiring as this.

Shalom Nchom, who goes by Shalom Blac on YouTube, is a 20-year-old beauty blogger from Nigeria. At age 9, she was in an accident involving frying oil at her family’s store and suffered severe burns to her head, face, and neck.

Due to the major physical damages from her burns, she was often bullied in middle school. The tormenting pushed her to the point of suicidal thoughts.

“Life after the accident wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was stared at by kids and older people whenever I stepped out,” she recently told BuzzFeed. “I felt like a living statue that people came to see. It pushed me to be rude towards anyone who stared at me. I cursed people out and cried on many occasions.”

But she didn’t let that bring her down for long. She met other victims whose burns were way worse than hers, and it changed her outlook. “You have to be grateful for what you have, because you never know whatsomeone else may be going through,” she said in a video.

When Shalom was 13, she started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and picked up the craft as a way to make herself feel more confident about her looks. Soon, the bullying stopped, and her classmates started catching on to her makeup skills. Her talents were in such high demand that Nchom would charge $5 to $25 per face.

A few years ago, she started sharing her beauty looks on her very own YouTube channel. She uses her platform to not only showcase her makeup transformations, but as a big advocate of self-love, she also uses it to inspire her fans to love themselves, with or without makeup.

In the incredible video below she says, “You should love yourself either way — makeup or no makeup. Makeup is not the reason why I am happy. I’m happy because I love myself.” Amen to that!