It is widely said that there is no one rule when it comes to impressing a woman. To impress a woman and make her fall for you, there are certain things you need to do right in order to make her fall head over heels. Women are tough to understand. They are also tough when it comes to falling in love. Today, the modern woman looks for specific things in a relationship and if those things are not met with someone she fancies, then she moves on to greener pastures.

So, guys, if you are wondering why no woman wants to date you, it is probably the way you dress and carry yourself when you are in her presence. Ar times, it could also be due to your weird behaviour which kind of puts her off mood and in some situations a woman doesn’t prefer to be seen with a man who is way too egoistic and sexist.

So, far if you dwell all these qualities it could be some of the reasons why no woman wants to date you. By possessing these behaviours, there is no chance of you ever being in a positive long term relationship. Therefore, it is time to change for the better. Take a look at some of these reasons why no woman wants to date you:

1.You Take In The Wrong Hints

Most of the single guys fail to understand this: if a woman is friendly with you, it does not mean she is in love with you. So, if she is nice, don’t give in and flirt with her.

2. Your Jokes Are Stupid

If your jokes imply to be racist and demeaning, don’t expect a woman to like and laugh at it. Being hilarious is surely a woman’s turn on, but being stupid with random jokes is something no lady appreciates.

3. You Seem Very Desperate

Women hate the sight of desperate men. So, if you are desperate and showing it out clearly, she will only think you to be a creep.

4. Your Way Too Untidy

Women are interested in men who can look after themselves and who follow at least the basic hygiene rules. If you are that kind of fellow who loves to live carefree is one pair of shorts for the entire week, there is no way a woman will want to date you.

5. You Seem Over Confident

Having the confidence to carry yourself is something that attracts any woman. But, when you act  way to over confident and proud, that is when  no woman will want to look at you.

6. Are You Touchy?

If you are touchy and way too physical with others around you, no woman would appreciate this kind of cheap behaviour. Get a grip on yourself and keep those hands away.

7. You Get Chirpy

Getting chirpy is nice and at some level it is tolerable. However, if you seem sleazy and feel the confidence to hurl abuses at the drop of a hat, your uncouth gestures will not help you find a woman to date.

8. You Are Egoistic

Every man has their cup of ego. But, when you push it way too far, don’t expect a woman to fall for you. Being an egoistic man, is something no woman appreciates at any cost.