When you meet someone in younger years, it is very difficult to understand the person. You meet them and they are all witty, intelligent and incredibly charming; but as the time passes, you start observing what you’ve missed before. What if you notice that most of your dates are in a bar or any other place where there is easy access to alcohol or that your partner is ‘high’ most of the times you’ve met? Well, now is the time to understand that you may be dating a partner who is a drunkard. If this is the case, believe me it won’t be an easy relationship and most often you will end up getting hurt emotionally, and in the worst case scenario may be even end up having a physical fight.

Some signs of it are that they very often smell of alcohol, find any excuse to get drunk, have frequent mood swings, have a very high tolerance towards drinking alcohol and are extremely defensive of their habit in case you start a discussion about it. If you notice these signs, then, yes, you are dating a drunkard and hence you will need to figure out ways to handle a drunkard. Here are a few tips to help you:

1.Avoid any sort of an argument when they are drunk

After a certain point of time, you may not have the patience to deal with the excessive drinking habit of your partner. From feeling concerned, you have moved to actually being annoyed because of alcohol taking over in every situation.

2. Counselling:

If you wish to help your partner and want them to get rid of this dreadful addiction, try to get them an independent professional counsellor. Here, they get to talk one-to-one with the counsellor and discuss about their problems as well as history.

3. Therapy:

If you think counselling will not be enough, then go for therapy for a proper care and complete treatment of their addiction. However, you must understand that you cannot get a person to change unless and until they are willing to.

4. Keep yourself prepared

Whenever you are going out with your partner where there are strong chances of them getting drunk, which can happen anywhere in case of a drunkard, you will have to be proactive. Set some boundaries, and if you cannot control their behaviour, you certainly can make better choices for your own self.

5. Get away from the situation:

if the person is not willing to change, then understand that you can do almost nothing about it. Just ensure that the person does not get into any kind of a dangerous situation and then step out from that place. You do not have to sit and watch that mess.

6. Step out and run:

Finally, you’ve tried everything and yet nothing seems to be working out, then there is only one thing you should do, get out of that relationship. You do not have to keep on struggling with someone who is draining you out emotionally.