Humans are naturally inquisitive and that has led to the vast array of discoveries we have made over recorded time. Exploration has opened up the world and science and medicine have helped explain that world and the creatures that populate it. Every year we make new discoveries, cure diseases and add to our base of knowledge. There is, however, a lot that still eludes us and even more that mystifies and shocks us. To the uninitiated, science and discovery can create just as many questions as answers. It can also present us with an array of unbelievable issues.
Over many generations, humans have evolved and expanded their knowledge in the field of medicine. Sometimes, however, we come across diseases and conditions which just seem too strange to be real. Such conditions are extremely rare, often occurring at the rate of one in a million or more. These unbelievable diseases can present themselves in a number of ways. The most shocking is definitely when a strange disease manifests itself in a physical way, often presenting a bizarre and perplexing sight. Of course, as you’ll see, rare medical conditions can come in mental and other less obvious forms, resulting in equally unbelievable cases. These following shocking medical cases are, for the most part, understood in the medical community. Many have no known cure and their rarity means that the only way we will ever see them is online. Because of that, it is easy to think they are hoaxes or Photoshop fabrications. No, these medical conditions are all 100% real.