Every lady would feel completely unsafe and insecure if she knew that her boyfriend has female friends. It is too hard not to be jealous in such a situation. After all, we hate sharing with others, especially if we are talking about relationships.

Being considered a control freak is awful; however, there are a few useful tips for you to follow in order to learn to deal with your partner’s female friends. Control the situation, but be smart and go unnoticed by doing the following things:

6. Hang out with her
If you don’t want to meet one-on-one with her, you can invite this girl to hang out with you, your boyfriend and other friends. In case she has a boyfriend, you can also invite him. You will see what she acts like when she’s around your boyfriend. Be sure to pay more attention to her body language, it will certainly give it away.

5. Be yourself
If you have to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends, by all means do all possible to get rid of tension and discomfort. It can be somewhere deep inside, however your behavior and the way you act might betray you. Simply relax and be yourself. Understand that you are dealing with a friend, not a lover. It is you whom he loves.

4. Phone calls and messages
If your beloved receives phone calls from a female friend and you want to know more about that person, just go ahead and ask him to tell you about her. Do not torment yourself by negative thoughts. That girl might be his colleague or a female friend who is already married or has her own partner. He might even trust you enough to let you read his text messages from other women.

3. Stop worrying
Pay attention to the way your boyfriend/husband treats the woman you are worrying over. If she is treated by him just like a good buddy or a male friend, then there is no need to get nervous. If you do not notice any flirting between them, then be sure that you have a loyal partner. Do not ruin your relationship with unnecessary suspicion. No matter how attractive the lady might look to you, he has chosen you to be his beloved.

2. Express yourself
The quickest way to find out whether there is something suspicious going on between you and your boyfriend’s female friend is to talk to him about the problem. Let him know how you feel and ask him to explain the moments that seem to be unclear to you. Give proofs of your suspicion if any. It is absolutely normal to talk about such issues.

1. Do not pay attention
You cannot make the person disappear. However, you can always ignore those whom you dislike. Do not pay attention to your partner’s female friends. If they irritate you, never let them know about that. Be neutral, but never rude. As long as he is with you remember that you are more important to him than any other woman.