9 Reasons You And Bae Have To Start Reading Together

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Reading is one of the most popular hobbies. It is relaxing and educating at the same time. It lets you experience adventures without leaving your home.

You find out about people without meeting them and learn interesting facts about foreign countries without visiting them. But reading together is twice as beneficial and here is why:

1. You are smarter
No doubt books are written by people who have something interesting to tell. Then why not listen to their stories and experiences? There are plenty of genres – simply pick your favorite style and enjoy it with your beloved.

2. You are healthier
It has been proved that people who like to read books are less prone to Alzheimer’s. Reading influences your mental state, because during the reading process your brain cells stay active. So, our conclusion is: read more if you want to stay healthy.

3. You are happy
Books distract you from your daily routine, stress and tension. It is easier to forget problems when you have an interesting book at home. Read as many books as possible together with your partner and you will feel happy and more carefree. It is great that there is such an effective and cheap way to decrease psychological tension.

4. You can discover
Books are exciting. If you read the same book together you experience something nice simultaneously. Both of you find out something new. Couples who spend time reading books broaden their horizons by learning something new from books. It’s a wonderful activity for both of you.

5. You enjoy a balanced relationship
A balanced relationship is everybody’s dream. Reading can help you turn this dream into reality. Read a book together and you will always have something in common – discuss the books and exchange your views and opinions.

6. You enjoy each other’s company
Books can tell you about distant lands you have never been to. Some of those places exist in reality and some do not. It is fun to find out what your partner thinks about the plot after reading fiction. Abstract thinking is another great characteristic that is typical of only humans. Have a talk about the characters described in the books and try to understand why the author thought it was important to write about them.

7. You discover each other
Reading together may help you two discover each other. You will see something you have never noticed. Discovering the person you are with is essential for a healthy relationship – you do need to know the person you once fell in love with.

8. You have an intimate relationship
Literature is a positive phenomenon and it makes people feel happy. What do happy people usually feel to each other and the world around? Of course it is love. You become more intimate and feel like sharing your feelings and emotions. Books inspire and charge you with positive energy.

9. You have a healthier vocabulary
Reading can also help you improve your vocabulary. You learn more words and can express your feelings in a different way using more words that perfectly well can describe your thoughts and emotions. Communication is the key and it gets much easier when your vocabulary is sufficient.`