Men are complicated creatures. It is true. While some say that simplicity is the unifying stereotype for all men it is a misjudgement. Remember that still waters run deep and your man has more under the hood than you may think (car reference… another stereotype). That said, sometimes the very basic pleasures in life can go a long way. When was the last time someone made a small gesture for the sole purpose of making you happy? How did you treat them after? Probably pretty well. So while it may seem like some of these are a stereotype, think of them instead as the basics of pleasure.

Knowing a few ways to a man’s heart can strengthen your relationship no matter what stage you are at, and may even advance you to the next one!

1.Through his stomach

It is no secret that men like to eat. They are busy creatures and it takes a lot of calories for their bodies to keep up with their sense of adventure. But it goes deeper than that. Feeding someone is the ultimate form of caring. It is a life-giving gesture and takes effort on many levels. When a man is fed by someone he cares about it solidifies that she cares for him as well and instills in him a trust that she will take care of him when he needs it. Not to mention, if she is a good cook he has that to look forward to for potentially the rest of his life, if he is lucky.

2.Getting down

There are 5 love languages (acts of service, gifts, time spent, words of affirmation, and physical touch). I highly suggest you look them up with your man as a fun learning experience. Men USUALLY (but not always) feel the most love through physical touch. This is not always sex. It is often just constant physical ‘check-ins’ throughout the day. But when it really comes down to it, men connect best in the sack. If you are not ready or are uncomfortable at all with the idea, skip this section. However, if you are interested in getting closer to him in this way, then it will pay off with him being closer in return.

3.Let him miss you

There is that saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and this is true. We tend to miss people more when we’ve had a chance to miss them. Let him realize you haven’t been around and miss you. You want him to yearn for you.

4.His other head

He likes it stroked. A scalp massage is likely the most relaxing connection you can make. Lay him down on the couch and rest his head on your lap while watching a movie. A gentle massage of his head will have him putty in your hands. Not to mention it is quite grounding for you as well. Another side of the ‘physical touch’ love language.

5.Getting along with his parents

His parents are likely important to him, and if they are not you may want to find out why in case of red flags. Getting along with his mom and dad will have you in the good books. It never hurts later in life when his parents are on your side in expressing how they would love to have you over for family dinner… for every family dinner. When first meeting them wear something conservative, and do not cower. They will likely want to see their son end up with a woman who holds her own. And never insult him in front of the family. Support him as best you can in any discussion, but also side with the parents once in a while for brownie points.

6.Playing with little ones

At family gatherings take the opportunity to play with your or his nieces and nephews. It will evoke that biological attraction towards someone who would be a good mother. Even if neither of you wants kids, there is still something endearing about child’s play and a nurturing personality. Plus, like before, then you get the parents of the child singing your praises.

7.Helping around the house

Feminists may not like this one… but a good old ‘house wife’ routine can really open up his heart. Playing house can make a man feel like he’s safe and secure. Clean up a little and do the dishes you see in his sink. As this should be a 50/50 thing in every household. At the very least you will get a great big kiss out of it and a “I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. You are the best”. Maybe you can let him know how much you will appreciate this gesture when reciprocated.

8.Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets

Yes yes, he wants you to act naughty in bed, but when you are outside a lot of men like their girlfriends to be classy – a lady, if you will. They do not want to worry about reputation or ego or what people are thinking or saying, but they do. And if you can uphold some sort of image it wont be long before he is taking you back home to let loose and get your freak on. That said. Always be yourself. There is always some sort of standard men will hold, but women also hold it for men, so don’t take too much offense.