Everyone has those really embarrassing moments that we will never forget. I’m sure we can all recall of a time that we did something weird or by accident that might have made others laugh at the spot. Others might have easily forgotten about it, but you will forever remember the cringe-worthy experience even if it happened years ago.

However, can you imagine if millions of people remembered your same embarrassing moment too? When living life as a celebrity, you must be aware of how much your life is under the public eye. People watch you step on the red carpet looking all glamorous or handsome. But, one of the many downsides of being famous is everyone will be watching your bad moments too.

That’s why there is a very long list of celebrities who unfortunately had their worst moments captured on camera. Whether it’s a mental breakdown or simply falling down on the red carpet, these celebrities will never be able to forget what embarrassing things they did. The paparazzi, live cameras and even fans have seen their favorite stars do quite some unforgettable acts.

Watch the video below of poor celebrities who unfortunately had been under the public eye when the worst of the worst happened.