Weddings are a special time for most people. Not only is it one of the most important days of your life, it is one you will always remember. And so will other people. Especially if you wear a wedding dress that looks like one of these 17 dresses. While these designs might not exactly be classic, they are most certainly memorable.

1. Thinking about Robert Pattinson instead of your future husband. I’m sure he feels great.

Don't Swipe 0 - lolzbook

2. Snowman meets cupcakes.

Don't Swipe 2 - onewed

3. Wait til you see what she’s wearing underneath that “dress.”

Don't Swipe 4 - wedcow

4. Do I look at the hat or the sleeves…

Don't Swipe 6 - mackburry

5. Wedding or a day at the race?

Don't Swipe 6 - onewed

6. “If I’m going out, do I need a coat?”

Don't Swipe 8 - weddingexplorer

7. What happens when she has to go to the bathroom?

Don't Swipe 12 - radass

8. Can anyone tell me what color that is?

Don't Swipe 14 -

9. I think someone broke her dress.

Don't Swipe 16 - mackburry

10. Um, did you run out of fabric?

Don't Swipe 18 - redass

11. You’re just asking for someone to pop your dress.

Don't Swipe 20 - dumpaday

12. A train the length of a train.

Don't Swipe 22 - theinqusitr

13. I think there’s something on your face.

Don't Swipe 24 - weddingexplorer

14. ???????????

Don't Swipe 26 - topteny

15. This one makes the last one look normal.

Don't Swipe 28 - photo-bugs

16. You know there had to be at least one Gypsy gown, right?

Don't Swipe 30 - dailymail

17. Liberace called. He wants every single outfit of his he ever wore, back.

Don't Swipe 32 - teamjimmyjoe