17 People Who Haven’t Quite Worked Doors Out Yet. #3 Was SO Satisfying… LOL


This unfortunate man

This clueless woman

The shoplifter who had immediate regret

This “smart” cop

This dog who learned the hard way to wait his turn

Justin Bieber

…and against Justin Bieber

Sometimes doors play tricks on you

…and sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the wrong door at the wrong time.

That moment when doors are not actual doors! Sneaky sneaky!

Sometimes you need a good running start to outsmart the doors, too!

…or maybe you just aren’t smart enough to enter.

You better pay attention, because doors don’t like to be ignored.

The things about doors is that they like to keep themselves clean…this is bad news for us.

So, the main lesson to learn here is that you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for doors. Don’t rush into it, or else you’ll end up like this guy.