17 Menstruation Facts Everyone Should Know


1. In Hong Kong, an Indonesian maid added her menstrual blood to her employer’s food in an attempt to improve their relationship.

2. A woman will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating.

3. The only mammals to undergo menopause are elephants, humpback whales, and human females.

4. Many prostitutes don’t take time off for their period. They either wedge cotton balls up against their cervix or they take birth control pills to control menstruation.

5. An entire menstrual period usually releases less than half a cup of blood, including clots.

6. When a girl is born, her complete potential egg supply is born with her. In the womb, she creates about seven million egg cells. At birth, she has two million. By puberty, there are only about 400,00 are left, of which fewer than 500 are actually released

7. Approximately 70% of women of menstruating age use tampons. A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her life

8. To treat extremely heavy periods, some women turn to uterine ablation. During a uterine ablation, a physician can use several types of methods—such as a laser, a balloon filled with a heated saline solution, electricity, freezing, or microwave—to permanently destroy the enodmetrium.

9. Periods tend to be heavier, more painful, and longer in the colder months.[

10. Up until the age of about 18, irregular periods are quite common because the body is still working on perfecting the system.

11. A young woman can get her first period anywhere between 10 and 16 years of age. Delayed onset of menstruation is rare, but if a girl hasn’t started by the age of 16, she should see a gynecologist.

12. Heavy bleeding is defined as passing more than one cup of blood per cycle, soaking through a pad or tampon every hour for six hours in a row, or having a period that lasts more than seven days.

13. It is possible to get pregnant if a woman has vaginal S*x during her period because sperm can survive up to a week in the body.

14. Smoking cigarettes can kill a woman’s eggs and cause menstrual periods to stop prematurely.

15. A woman who has excessive bleeding may suffer from menorrhagia, a condition in which the uterine lining builds up very thick. Very heavy bleeding could also indicate a thyroid problem or fibroids (growths on the uterus).

16. The average woman will have her period for 38 years

17. Stress can cause irregular periods

Source: Factretriever.com