Guys — they sure do try, don’t they? But no matter how experienced they are with the ladies, and no matter how long you’ve been together, there are just certain things they’ll never understand. Like, ever. And these 15 are just the tip of iceberg.

1. Why you spend all day with your BFF and then call her again before bed.

2. Why you can never find anything in your purse.

3. Why it takes so long to choose a haircut.

4. Why you buy scented candles and never use them.

5. Why you need 37 throw pillows.

6. Why you wear heels that are practically stilts and then complain about them all night.

7. Why you don’t order dessert and then, you know, Hoover his.

8. Why your voice gets sooo high when you’re watching kitten videos.

9. Why you’re so afraid of bugs yet have no problem with bikini waxes.

10. Why you have frenemies.

11. Why you spend hours filling an online shopping cart — and then close the page.

12. Why you’re OK with your stuffed animals watching you have sex.

13. Why you always choose chocolate over… well, life.

14. Why yes means no and no means yes.

15. Why you’re so obsessed with kale.