For those who want to build a warm relationship with the children.

1. She needs your love.
Learn how to show his daughter’s love. She needs it more than money or gifts, the lack of communication that does not compensate. No one in the world will not give her a sense of security and protection, as a loving father. It will grow and make mistakes, disappoint you, maybe sometimes abrupt and rude, maybe even want to leave home time. But you should not give her the slightest reason to doubt your love. She needs to know that you love her for who she is, and that in the parental home and its always easy to understand. Do not hesitate to say it out loud many times. Just look into her eyes and say, “I love you.”

2. It depends on you, a partner in life she chooses.
From your daughter’s relationship to affect the choice of who would become her husband. If you are a good father, she will look for a guy who looked like you. If not, then it will be very difficult to get married and find yourself someone. In affluent families with little girls loving father often said: “I grow up and marry a dad.” This is a good indicator. This means that you behave correctly.


3. Listen to the music you listen to it.
When a girl becomes a teenager, she has a love for contemporary music, which you do not always taste. Try to understand that she was like this. Listen to CDs with it, go to a concert fashion group, so that you have something to say. When you are traveling with a daughter in the car, do not switch the music that she chose. In the end, remember that time when she travels with you, will soon be over. And resentment remains.

4. She sees how you feel about her mother.
This is the most important advice on our list. You can only follow him, and the success of your relationship with your daughter is assured. It’s simple: do not cease to show the children that you love them and cherish your mother married. Participating in a child’s life, do not forget about your personal life. Take time to go together with his wife to the theater, to the restaurant, arrange a short trip without children. Shows children that the wife is to have a higher priority than they are. This is useful not only to strengthen your marriage, but also for the formation of attitudes towards marriage of your children.

5. Do not keep away from her daughter when she becomes a teenager.
From 11 to 15 years, begins a difficult age, when your daughter will change in appearance (becomes less beautiful), and internally to become unruly and rude. Do not keep away from her during this difficult period, keep an emotional connection. Be aware of its problems, interests, activities, boyfriends and everything else, so she can come to you for any help. Do not laugh at her if she took your razor to shave his legs. You should always treat her with love and understanding, no matter how much it – 5 or 15 years.


6. Engage with her sport, it strengthens the character.
Of girls to grow up healthy and strong woman, she must love sports, in which you can help her. Make her charge, take it with you to jogging or cycling, and make disciples of push-ups, play sports games on the air. Girls should not grow weak. Sport Fortress Fortress will find peace and strength of character. After all, today femininity – not only dresses with frills, this is the power of body and spirit.

7. Take frequent, small celebrations.
Childhood should remain in the memory of the daughter of the happiest memories. And this memory is formed small joys and events. For example, celebrate the 10th anniversary of her daughter not picnic table, and a short trip for 3-4 days. Let her make a list of places or countries that she wants to visit, discuss it together and select an acceptable option for you. Entrust it to make the route and a list of what to bring. On the road, instructed her to keep a diary. Do not forget your camera, then to make an album as a keepsake.
At the end of each week, see interesting films together, and then let everyone write their impressions. Or organize a gala breakfast on Sunday. Or keep a tradition on Sunday to drink hot chocolate in a cozy cafe. Over the weekend, you can go to a short hike to interesting places in your city. Do not be lazy to come up with such events, photographs them. Please fill in the emotional memory of your daughter’s events held together with you.

8. Teach her that life is more important to give than to receive.
Something amazing happens when children understand that the universe does not revolve only around them. Not only that they need help that the last piece of cake should be left to others. Explain to them that life will be better if we help others. What we must not think only of themselves, it is sometimes better to be the last in the queue than elbowed others to climb first. That when you’re wrong, admit it to be honest.


9. Be close to the most important events in her life.
It is clear that the majority of fathers work, busy with their careers and they do not have so much free time. But still – try not to miss important events in the life of his daughter, whether a concert at the music school, sports or exhibition of her drawings. And do not cease to praise her, regardless of the outcome. Even if on that day you are invited to a football match, determine their priorities matches still repeated, and your daughter’s childhood – no. It will take forever.

10. When you get home, turn off your mobile.
A big mistake many fathers that came home, they actually continue to be absent. They do not come off the cell phone, answer letters, writing on Twitter, read the Facebook page. In the meantime, your little girl waiting for you to pay attention to it. Turn off the phone immediately, crossing the threshold of the house. Take some time to that which was waiting for you all day, play with her, read a book or just sit in an embrace and podurachtes. Remember that very soon it will have other interests and she will not be home, where she did not pay attention.

11. Learn how to weave braids.
Of course, this is purely a woman’s business to brush daughters weave braids and tie tails, but the father should be able to and it just in case. Suddenly you go together with her daughter on vacation? Moreover, experimental psychologists believe that the father should be able to not only do hair, but nails and paint her daughter, if necessary. This will show her that a man can be not only strong, but also gentle.

12. Walk with my daughter somewhere together.
At least once a year invite a daughter to “date” without a mother and other family members. Go with her to the cinema, theater or restaurant. Such meetings will show her how a man should treat a woman. Open the car door for her, helps to remove and put on a coat, talk complimenting kidding, let her choose the restaurant that you want, and pay bills. Let her feel “beauty in a million.” It will not ruin you. Make up your options, where and how to spend a few hours with her daughter. You can go to the park together on a bike or in a bookstore, but this event should be planned in advance, as a real date.


13. Explain to her that attractive appearance – that’s not all.
Psychologists believe that it is the father should explain to her daughter that inner beauty is more important than external, that it is the inner content of the girl, her character, warmth, her self-esteem – the kernel, which allows her to find the right path in life. Raising a daughter in today’s world of sensual glamorous standards very difficult. But you can just explain to her that to impress, no need to uncover every piece of his body.

14. Do not have missed childhood!
Life is not, and rushes at great speed. There are people who need you now, who calls you daddy. Enjoy the role of the father, do not miss the childhood of your children – it will pass quickly, do not blink of an eye!
15. Do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness from his daughter.
Many fathers are doing their best for their daughters, but they are not angels: it happens that the father says unfair words, is not fulfilling its promises. Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness from his daughter, when you’re wrong. It will not let down your credibility. If you do not know how to ask for forgiveness, learn, it is too late. These words should come from the heart. Only it will make you closer with my daughter, and she will forgive you.