“Make Love All Day,” when you hear that phrase does your mind immediately go to s*xual intimacy? Most minds probably do.

Those two se*y words, make love, take the mind directly do the bedroom. However, making love begins outside of the bedroom. It starts when you get up in the morning and continues throughout the day.

The bedroom experience can be more than a physical act. It can be fulfilling and intimate. It can begin over a cup of coffee and end when the lights turn off, just to start right back up again first thing in the morning.

The word “make” and the word “love” are both action words. Make a decision to take action throughout the day that demonstrates love in action. Making love all day is much more than a physical act that temporarily satisfies. It includes the bedroom, but also goes beyond the bedroom. It is an intimate, fulfilling, and se*y lifestyle with your mate.

Here are 15 practical ways to Make Love All Day.

Plan ahead so that your mornings together begin calm and peaceful.
Leave a se*y note on her dresser that she can find. Send him a text letting him know you can’t wait till he gets home.
Think about your mate often during the day. Build up the anticipation of seeing each other again. (Don’t take it for granted your mate will be there when you get home).
Greet each other affectionately when you have been apart and then come back together.
Go out of your way to give an extra touch or a soft kiss.
Smile often, letting your spouse know you see them and you appreciate and like what you see.
Remind him of how handsome he is, and her of how beautiful she is to you.
Maximize the compliments and minimize the complaints.
Hold hands often.
Participate in your mate’s favorite activity – sports, movies, baking, simply taking a walk.
Provide your mate’s favorite touch – brushing her hair, foot massage, neck rub, shoulder rub. You know what this is for your mate. If you don’t, find out.
Freshen up before retiring for the evening by wearing each other’s favorite cologne or perfume.
Retire for the evening together, at the same time.
Keep your bedroom as your sanctuary, no distractions, no work, no social media, just the two of you.
Let go of the cares of the day; go to bed with love on your mind.
After you have made love all day, go to bed, get up in the morning, and start all over again.