No. 1 – When you plan so much for the wedding ceremony than the marriage.

No. 2 – When you think marriage is a platform to change your partner.  

No. 3 – When you get pregnant for him because of the ring.  

No. 4 – When you put on a customized character just to win your partner’s heart and the family over.  

No. 5 – When you stop doing certain things because you seem to be too ‘familiar’ with your partner.

No. 6 – When you allow regular sex because you don’t want to lose him/her.

No. 7 – Discussing too much of your partner with your friends.

No. 8 – When you start doing what you can’t keep on doing in marriage.

No. 9 – When you misplace his family acceptance for assurance of his love.

No. 10 – When you think doing what a legal wife does will eventually make you his wife.

No. 11 – When you misplace her desire to go out on a first date with you as a YES!

No. 12 – When you break a relationship when other options are still valid.

No. 13 – When you think spending so much will place her on your bed.

No. 14 – When you judge his future by his present status.